Author(s):Margaret Landreth and Anandi Gandalfi
Marc "Jokeboy" Blumberg
Margaret "Mags" Landreth
David Simkins
Male Players:Min: 6 / Max: 12
Female Players:Min: 6 / Max: 11
Neutral Players:Min: 0 / Max: 0

The descent into madness is a story that the patients of Ward C can tell, but be forewarned that the language of the insane is often hard to sort through. Not to worry- as the inmates of Ward C will tell you, reality is an arguable concept, and fact and fiction are more interwoven than you might think.

Blumberg, Marc

Marc is thrilled to be back at Intercon representing the Chicago Crew with not one, but two brand new games. Between Evermore: Faerie Tales from the Dark Side (written and run with Chad Brinkley) and Asylum (run with Margaret Landreth), Marc expects very little down-time this weekend. He is never going to see the Ben & Jerry's factory this way...

Landreth, Margaret

Margaret Landreth, part of the "Chicago Crowd" (though technically from Madison, WI) has brought with her free samples of cheese! This is her fifth year at Intercon, and late Friday night, she will be running her game Asylum. This is Margaret's second time running her games at Intercon (last year she ran Geraldine's Birthday Party.) This year, in addition to her own, she is also looking forward to helping run Marc Blumberg's and Chad Brinkley's game, Evermore.

Simkins, David

David managed to finagle his way into a Dungeons and Dragons game at a New Years Eve party when he was five years old (being the child of the host didn't hurt), and he has been playing, running, writing and designing games ever since. When not playing games, he drives around the state of Wisconsin looking for county child welfare agencies in need of assistance. He is masochistically looking forward to returning to graduate school this fall after eight years in the work world.