Jam and the Craft of Larp Manufacture
Chelmsford - Thu, 22:00 - 23:00

Presenters: Tony Mitton, Aaron Vanek

Are Larps Art? Can Larps be Art? Or an Art Form? (And what's the difference between Art and Art form anyway?)

Aaron Vanek certainly thinks Larps are Art, and has written a 32-page essay arguing inter alia just this. Tony Mitton is far too lazy to write 32- pages of anything. Even Players are Scum isn't much over a thousand words. And so his standard response for years to the claim "Larps are Art" has been:


Apparently, however, this pithy (and accurate) response is no longer sufficient to bring a rapid halt to debate. So please join Tony and Aaron in discussing the following (not very vital) questions in as light- hearted a manner as possible: