Ars Amandi Workshop
Drawing - Fri, 15:00 - 17:00

Presenter: Lizzie Stark

Ars Amandi is a Nordic mechanic for simulating romance or sex in larp. The full mechanic permits players to touch permitted zones (arms, shoulders, sternum, upper back, and neck below the ears) using permitted boydparts (hands, arms, neck). There will be a short discussion about the technique, followed up with a workshop for 6-30 people by Leaving Mundania author Lizzie Stark.

As Swedish larpwright and Ars Amandi creator Emma Wieslander put it, "Basically Ars Amandi is a method for doing things in a game in a way that makes the character experience them fully, enabling play and really going for the energy without the player ending up in messy situations. Much like the use of boffers enables players to rush into battle with fear and anger flaring because of the character's fear of dying, but without the player having to worry. It's also a try at creating the 'missing link' needed to widen possible playable themes. I believe that there are an infinite amount of stories out there to be told about love and a better world and that perhaps we need less about genocide and 'all orcs/humans/martians must die.'"