High-Immersion Larp
Carlisle - Thu, 21:00 - 22:00

Presenters: Quinn D*, Alan De Smet, Doug Freedman, Amanda Brown

Larp always requires players to suspend disbelief, especially convention larp -- players must choose to believe that they are in the setting, not a hotel ballroom, and that that object really is a glowing magic box, and not an index card.  Larps can be played in environments where the physical setting much more accurately replicates the game setting, using props which are much more realistic both in appearance and function.  Players can be made to feel like they are actually riding in a plane, journeying underwater in Atlantis, digging up a grave, or defusing a bomb.

This panel will discuss how this changes the game, what complications it brings, and what goes into creating such an event.  Examples from actual games will be presented and discussed.