The Wyrd Con Companion Book
Carlisle - Thu, 20:00 - 21:00

Presenters: Nat Budin, Sarah Lynne Bowman, Emily Care Boss, Kirsten Hageleit, Evan Torner, Epidiah Ravachol, Aaron Vanek*

The West Coast equivalent of Intercon is Wyrd Con, which began in 2009. Taking a cue from the Nordic larp convention Knutepunkt, on December 21, 2012 WyrdCon published an e-pamphlet of journalistic and academic essays about larp, participatory culture, role-playing, and interactive storytelling. It is available for free online. Many of the diverse hands who worked on this e-publication--including the editors, graphic designer, and at least five of the authors--are attending Precon this year, so we've put them all in a room to talk about the book and the concepts therein. You don't need to have read it beforehand, nor will there be a test.