Social Conflict and Bleed
Carlisle - Fri, 13:00 - 14:00

Presenter: Dr. Sarah Lynne Bowman

Have you ever wondered why some role-playing groups seem to experience large amounts of "drama" no matter how hard the organizers and other players try to keep the game enjoyable? Have you ever dealt with a "problem player" and found yourself at a loss as to how to solve the situation? Have some of your fellow players experienced emotional devastation as the result of in-game events or out-of-game disagreements? Has your group experienced splintering, where out-of- character factions developed? Did schisms occur, causing groups of players to leave, some perhaps forming new "rival" games?

Based on two years of scholarly research and over thirty interviews both nationally and internationally this lecture by Dr. Sarah Lynne Bowman will explain some of the major problems role-playing communities face in terms of social dynamics. The presentation will offer suggestions for diffusing conflict pre-game, during game, and post-game. Personality traits and behaviors that disrupt player groups will be detailed, as will behaviors that help enhance communal cohesion. Player cultures from the U.S. and the Nordic countries will be contrasted. Come learn how to keep your community vibrant and healthy!