Who's Who at Intercon M

Ian Ally-Seals
GM for: The Ballad of Jess-Belle

Ian Ally-Seals moved to Hartford in 1992 when he was thirteen years old. He has had a beard since that time. He has a comic book company called Rare Earth Comic. He enjoys gaming, surfing, but not long walks on the beach, for he is lazy and gets annoyed at how the sand sucks your feet down and makes it hard to walk. He got pushed from the table top role playing which he has done since childhood into the larp world about 2 years ago by his girlfriend who he has helped to GM several larps.

Christopher Amherst
GM for: Previous Occupants, At What Cost

Fact #1: He survived rolling a critical in a Jerkform game twice, the second time won honors in Sweden for "Most Creative Use of a Snowblower"

Fact #2: His cat's Secret Service codename is "Rainbow Dash".

Nickey Barnard
GM for: An Ecumenical Matter, Midsummer Mischief

Hurrah! A spur of the moment decision means I'm now coming to my first Intercon and helping run two games - this should be fun. Still, I've been writing and running games in the UK for about ten years, so everything should go swimmingly - right?

Christopher "Ryha" Barney
GM for: Days End

Chris is a Boston area game developer currently working on the kids MMO Poptropica. He has been running and playing I'm LARP s in the New England area for more than a decade.

Elizabeth Bartley
GM for: Jamais Vue (revised), ...and the Electric Labyrinth

Kendra Beckler
GM for: Hitherby Dragons: Recourse

Oh, look what the Hitherby GMs dragged in! Is it still twitching? Yes, yes, I do believe it is.

Liliya "Lily" Benderskaya
GM for: Behind the Fields

Short chick with short bio, writes long-ass character sheets.

Chad "Laurion" Bergeron

Ah! Forgive me, I have baby brain.

Cameron Betts
GM for: Osiris' Gate

This year's acceptable bribes: engrossing life stories, spicy ginger beer, promises of favoritism and actual favoritism.

see the subtle differences

Marc Blumberg
GM for: Teenage Mystery Dance Party

Emily Care Boss
GM for: The City of Fire and Coin, Jeepform Sampler

Emily loves games: larp, freeform, tabletop, board games--you name it. She's run larps at Intercon including Diamonds & Coal, What to Do About Tam Lin? and Under my Skin with other folks from Western Mass Interactive Literature Society and her own stuff is at Black & Green Games.

Laura "Laura47" Boylan
Con Chair
Bid Committee, Bid Chair
, GM Liaison, Registrar, Outreach

I am become Con Chair, planner of cons.

Anna "T'Pau" Bradley
Queen of all she surveys
GM for: Slash!
Con Committee

I am Pi

Brandon Brylawski
GM for: [CANCELLED] Pendragon: Tales on a Winter's Morn

Brandon first became interested in LARP in 1991 and has never looked back. His LARP writing credits include Tales of Pendragon, Starship Edsel, and Arkham on Five Sanity Points a Day. Brandon believes that in LARP a good loss is better than a bad win, that everyone can be the star of their own show, and that the best stories revolve around a tough decision that someone has to make.

Nat "Pudding" Budin
Speilmeisterliaison, Unterwebmeister und Panelkommisar
GM for: Fire on High, A Garden of Forking Paths

Que sera, sera.

David Cave
GM for: LARPers Anonymous, Teenage Mystery Dance Party

Chris "Lackey" Chaney
GM for: The Oracle of Amun

Evil Genius.

I build worlds. I write mechanics to make those worlds real. I let players come play in my worlds and see what happens. I believe in letting the players have great influence on the worlds I build, but with that is the risk that things could go horribly wrong. But sometimes, just sometimes, things go horribly right.

Willliam "Bill" Chapman
GM for: Accorded Neutral Ground

Bill really hates writing bios. i mean with a passion that would ignite a thousand suns type of hate. The kind of hate that Buffy once held for Spike when he was torturing all her friends but eventually gave up when she realized that with Angel getting his own spin off that the only bad boy vampire available was Spike. And lets face it Spike was loved by the fans and Buffy ever served the fans wants. with the exception of the Buffy Willow sex tryst, but thats another story. I suppose I should say something about me here as well, so i have gamed since the dawn of time, also known as when I first discoved D & D back in the 70's. I have larped multiple genres, for multiple years, and have run a bunch of different games. If you really want to get to know me, find me, grab a soda, its much better in person.

Katherine Chartier
GM for: Dystopia Rising – Back to the Future

Andrew Clough
GM for: Heithur, Hitherby Dragons: Recourse

Andrew is quite mad, in that he's running two different games with two different GM teams. And is referring to himself in the third person. And is rambling.

John "Bay Rum" Corradin
GM for: Camelot--Intrigue at Castle York

John M. Corradin, a demigod of the Wilmark Dynasty gaming group and the owner/manager of The Days of Knights fantasy gift & game store in Newark, Delaware, has over 30 years of experience running RPG events. He started running tabletop in the ancient days of the 1970's. Wilmark Dynasty events evolved from a tabletop con to a themed theatrical style LARP in the 1980's. He has produced, and/or written, an annual weekend long LARP for over 25 years. His writing credits include Oscars 1998, 2000 and 2012; Star Trek--The Khitomer Conclave (1999); and Unchained--The Journey Home (2010). He's run numerous mini-larps including three in a series of Camelot Court of Love based on Arthurian legends, with a unique twist or two, of course.

John is a Players' GM who emphasizes character development and role playing within an easy, straightforward conflict resolution system. His main objectives--to recreate the chivalry of Camelot and let every player shine.

Mica "Mica" Corradin
GM for: Camelot--Intrigue at Castle York

Mica Corradin has been involved with RPG table top and LARPing events for the past 25 years. She is the co-writer of four weekend-long theatrical LARPs with her husband John--the Oscars (1998, 2000 & 2012) and Unchained: The Journey Home, as well as the three Camelot Court of Love mini-LARPs based on the Arthurian legends. She's also written a mini-LARP with her daughter Kyra, called "Dinner at the Cardie's" that ran at Relaxicon 2010. Writing fascinating characters is her favorite part of the process!

Mica helps with the production of all the Wilmark Dynasty events, including its annual Labor Day Weekend LARP and Relaxicon each spring. A collector of an array of costume pieces (mostly Rennaisance), she handles costuming for cast members and will aid players with costuming needs whenever asked.

Sean "Xi'an" Curran
GM for: Go Run Your Own Little World

Heya, I was the roommate of the 2 nuts who wrote this game and played the first run way back when. I'm here to keep things flying.

Karen Czaplicki
GM for: Collision Imminent!

Vito "Simple Wordsmith" D'Agosta
GM for: Fire on High, A Garden of Forking Paths

fhofgvghgvba pvcuref ner sha. guvf bar ebgngrf rnpu yrggre np cynprf.

Kat "Kat" Davis
GM for: Last Night in Jesriah, The Sound of Drums

Kat likes shiny things, and hates Widget Hunts with the burning white hot passion of one thousand suns. She also enjoys hiding under things when embarassed and watching player's cry with sadistic glee. Her favorite thing is apple pie. Her least favorite thing is Widget Hunts.

Stephanie "Tephanie" Davis
GM for: High Tea
Con Committee, Con Suite

Stephanie also known as Teph or Tephy everyone I love hates the S in my name apparently. Ive been gaming for ten years (tabletop) and larping for the last 6. My real life experience includes lots of table top stuff, lots of campaign larping, lots of geeking about Human Rescources and other general business things. I am a extroverted introvert, and also Sheena's personal secretary <3 because I love him ;). You will either love me or hate me but I love interesting people.

Simon "Joiler" Deveau
GM for: The Null Node

Previous games include: Malcor, Barad Wath, Skid Row, Darfur Bingo, Resolution 2768, possibly others I can't remember right now.


Jeff "The Vortex of Chaos" Diewald
NEIL Board Member
GM for: Collision Imminent!
Bid Committee

Happy Birthday to me, Happy Birthday to me! Happy Birthday, dear Vortex, Happy Birthday to me!

Having survived since the Dawn of LARP, once again Intercon serves as my party. Sure, there are a few others with birthdays around the con, but this time, it's all about me. It's one of those significant birthdays, and you'd better believe there will be port and cake. And LARP. It's always about the LARP. And port.

It's also the thirteenth run of Collision Imminent!, and that number is near and dear to me, given that Intercon the Thirteenth was also one of those significant birthdays and parties. And Intercon the Thirteenth was our first New England Intercon.

So, let's celebrate and throw the bestest Intercon ever!

Jen "Lady J" Eastman-Lawrence
Vendor Liaison

I am currently cocooning through the winter and will emerge brand new and butterfly-like in March!

Zoe Eddy
GM for: Go Run Your Own Little World

Veronica Eikov
GM for: 36 Degrees of Separation

Veronica, epic geek extraordinaire of eclectic taste, has been LARPing since 2003 and has adored Intercon since the moment she arrived at her first one. She enjoys shiny things, geeky talk, talking in general, having fun, winning, being hyper and, of course, LARPing. This is her first foray into GMing at Intercon.

Julia Ellingboe
GM for: Cady Stanton's Candyland, Tales of the Fisherman's Wife, All Hail the Pirate Queen!

Kathryn Everett
Con Suite

Bethany Feintuck

Will Fergus
GM for: Cracks in the Orb

Elisabeth "Lise" Fracalossi
GM for: Cracks in the Orb

Lise has been larping for seven years, and writing larps since she got off her bottom and wrote League of Extraordinary Hogwarts Students (LXHS) in 2009, ably assisted by her husband Matt. Cracks in the Orb is her second game. Given sufficient time and leave, she would ramble at you about Dragaera for hours.

Lise is not, in fact, always evil. Only mostly.

Doug "Dig" Freedman
GM for: A Turn on the Radiance Rose

Here's what we learned from Suey in our inaugural Peaky Midwest experience:
"Buggery, buggery, buggery, toss wank buggery bollux!"
You'd be surprised at just how often this turns out to be just the phrase you're looking for.

Bernie Gabin
GM for: Cracks in the Orb, Last Night in Jesriah, Break a Leg

Anandi "Anandi" Gandolfi
GM for: Sith lords-The Dark Side

Anandi started gaming at the tender age of 6 in her father's college D&D game. It was 13 years later when she discovered the wonders of larping, primarily as an outlet for her love of costuming, and another 12 years before she discovered the highly satisfying activity of writing games.She makes her living now by making costumes and clothing for others, and gets her joy from making other people happy, whether it is with a fun game or a pretty dress. with 8 one-shots (Asylum With Margrete Simpkins, Mahabharata, One life, Another life, Speed Dateing, Sith lords, (with Andy kirshbaum) Where the wild things will be, Feast of the minataur and a multi-city chronicle (Between the cracks) , creating worlds of wonder, passion, joy, and pain has become a passion that shows little sign of being satisfied.

Ajit George
GM for: Jeepform Sampler

Jeepform and indie story-game enthusiast that usually GMs under the banner of "Sex and Bullets" with teammates Lizzie Stark & others.

Jenn Giorno
Con Committee

Kevin Girard
GM for: Crisis Aboard the Starship Hecate

Ulula cum lupis, cum quibus esse cupis.

Susan "nikin" Giusto
The Intercon Muse ~nikin~
GM for: Collision Imminent!
Con Committee


I help make the art for Intercon happen in addition to several other interesting things of which I shall not mention here ... bwah ha ha!

I write and produce LARP's with the TNT gang and we are running the loudest game at Intercon this year -Collision Imminent-

I am small, furry and not from this planet. I love to dance, need a dance partner and can cook really great food. I appreciate warm hugs, bright smiles and hair to run my fingers through or play with... I am a renaissance girl geek that can jump start my own vorple blaster while not busting my corset or letting any curls wilt.

Michael "Mickey" Golosovker
GM for: The Great War Upon Us

Michael "Mickey" Golosovker has been playing and running LARPs since 1994. This is his first Intercon, but he's looking forward to translating live combat LARP experience to the convention setting. Mickey is also the GM for the upcoming boffer LARP Invictus and is interested in how the convention version will tie into the main campaign.

Lian Guertin
GM for: Hitherby Dragons: Recourse

Tara Halwes
GM for: Osiris' Gate

Wants more Role Playing in her Live Action Role Playing. Wants you to want it too. Dangerous fascination with death and the afterlife, experimental LARP, Nordic style, & saying yes when asked to GM things. Anti predetermination. Pro player empowerment. Pro bleed. Hopes to meet you at Pre-Con!

Tegan Hendrickson
GM for: At What Cost
Bid Committee

A lifetime resident of the DC area, Tegan became an Intercon addict after her friends and fellow LARPers finally convinced her to go.

It was only a matter of time before she began to write and run games of her own.

Sharone "Mali" Horowit-Hendler
GM for: 36 Degrees of Separation

Sharone was first pulled into GMing by Foam Brain. Shortly after her first time GMing, she was conned into wanting to work on her first game with Jared Hite. One year later, GM Space appeared in full magnificence, borne upon the wings of the dragons, heralded by the trumpets of the Gods. Or maybe the Elder Gods.

Now Sharone has written a total of four games, two of which she was using to study linguistic anthropology, on her way to her PhD. Her dissertation was changed on her, so she is no longer using LARPing as her main experimental methods, but she loves her new topic. Be warned: bring it up, and she will talk at you for forever.

Diana "Diana" Hsu
GM for: The Problem with Pluto

I'm not entirely sure what I'm doing here. One moment I was with some friends and talking about Planets of Unusual Size, and the next thing I know I've apparently got a game to write, tiaras to make, players to killentertain and Neil Degrasse Tyson to frame for it all. At least I can always run away to China if this whole enterprise crashes spectacularly.

Kara Hurvitz
GM for: The Pantheon Protocol

Kara Hurvitz is addicted to stress--that's the way that she gets things done.

Ben "Cpt. Von Sassy Pants" Jones
GM for: Devil to Pay

Ben is too goddamn lazy to write his own bio and has outsourced the job. On an unrelated topic, he thinks Adina is the greatest person to walk the earth.

Ben has been LARPing for about 5 years. He is currently on the staff for Mirror, Mirror and Clockwork Skies.

-Generic claim to be evil and/or crazy, and/or implication that it's necessary to deny that he is evil and/or crazy.--

The solution is: "substitution cyphers are fun. This one rotates each letter 13 places." U mad bro?

And a quote vaguely apropos of LARPing: "I reject your reality and substitute my own." -Adam Savage

Katherine Jones
GM for: Cady Stanton's Candyland, Uwe Boll's Christmas Special, All Hail the Pirate Queen!

Katherine "Kathy" Journeay
GM for: The Oracle of Amun

Katherine has officially been LARPing for over half her life. Do not assume she is a good person and wishes your characters well.

Sarah Judd
GM for: The Barbecue, Plan 8 From Outer Space

Sarah has been larping since a little before Intercon I, is totally hooked. She thanks her fellow larpers for being the people she feels most herself around, even though she spends the most time being *not* herself around them.

Matthew "Matt" Kamm
GM for: Last Night in Jesriah

Matt plays games. He also writes them, sometimes. Some people seem to like them, and that's good enough for him.

Dave Kapell
GM Liaison

Eddy Karat
GM for: Hitherby Dragons: Recourse

Biological Profile

Domain: Eukaryota Kingdom: Animalia Phylum: Chordata Subphylum: Vertebrata Class: Mammalia Subclass: Theria Order: Primates Suborder: Anthropoidea Family: Hominidae Genus: Homo Species: H. sapiens Subspecies: H. s. sapiens

Gamer Profile

Eddy has been involved with LARP for 20 years now, though the bulk of games he has written have been for the MIT Assassins' Guild. This is his third Intercon game, the first two being A Tale Of Time Travel and Shadow Over Babylon.

Philip "Philip Kelley" Kelley
GM for: Teenage Mystery Dance Party, Midsummer Mischief
Bid Committee

Philip got the idea for his jacket when Margaret won an Intercon raffle consisting of a shirt from all the (then) lettered Intercons. Procuring them through deft use of skills developed through years of larping ("I've got an idea for those" / "Here, take them"), he turned them into patches and sewed them on a jacket. While the jacket has yet to be immortalized in a Mike Young game, it expects a call from Hollywood any day now.

Jonathan "Riley" Kindness
GM for: Last Night in Jesriah

Hello! I am a teacher. In my spare time I like to invite people to live in a magical world I created with my brain. I love watching you dress up and act out my fantasies. I hope that works for you.

Andy Kirschbaum
GM for: Sith lords-The Dark Side

Andy has been running and playing LARPs since the mid 80's. He's starting to get good at it.

In his spare time, Andy writes and publishes novels. Sometimes he even sells a few.

Andy owns and operates 3 Trolls Games & Puzzles in Chelmsford with his family.

Arnis "Arnis" Kletnieks
GM for: Desperadoes Under The Eaves, The Serpent's Spiral

Arnis is a large, affable, veteran larper with a growing business in Temporal Recreational Vehicle customization and maintenance.

Rebecca Kletnieks
GM for: Desperadoes Under The Eaves
Con Committee

Becky owns a time machine, but only ever uses it for good. She is beloved by all forest creatures, as well as the majority of creatures dwelling on savannahs, in jungles, and along the coasts. She navigates the cosmos in a surprisingly comfortable vehicle, which resembles nothing quite so much as a high-end Winnebago, and is accompanied on these journeys by an exceptionally polite miniature wyvern named Bertrand. She has the right of way at any given crossroads, whether faerie or haunted. When the zombie apocalypse comes, Becky will be ready, as she has already packed a bag with very sensible supplies.

Joshua Kronengold
GM for: Jamais Vue (revised)

Sue "Queenortart" L.
Queenortart and Frock Procurer
GM for: A Turn on the Radiance Rose, An Ecumenical Matter, Midsummer Mischief
Bid Committee

What Ho! Spiffing fun what? Would you be passing the ectoplasm, Father Ted?

Bonus point awarded if you can work our which game is which in the above statement

Andrew LaPorte
GM for: The Oracle of Amun

Renee Lasko
Panelist/moderator Intercon 101
Con Committee

Renee's been LARPing since ... well, before she started working in/running Con Suite, so it's at least before Intercon G. Honestly she can't remember much before then, but she has vague memories of a lot of spaghetti in a really weird kitchen in Delaware.

During her years as Con Suite Mistress at Intercon New England, she generally spent most of her time cooking/organizing/supervising and nurturing her aching feet, playing in perhaps 2 games per con. She's looking forward to playing in more games than that this year but expects to be a pile of goo by Sunday afternoon.

Tim "Teem" Lasko
Minion, Ocelot, NEIL Board, Your Intercon M Registrar
GM for: Collision Imminent!, The Road Not Taken

Ah, these old halls in Chelmsford are so comfortable...so familiar. As but a shade of the ConChair Unslain, it is far easier to haunt the familiar shortcuts and rooms here. Here, perhaps, I shall be reborn--metamorphosize, to invent a word-- into something new. Stronger. Faster. And for less than six million dollars. In the meantime, I shall be working behind the scenes, unseen, making sure that Intercon Happens and that everyone has a good time.

Matt LeVan
GM for: Cracks in the Orb

Bess Libby
GM for: The Serpent's Spiral

Anthony Linkens
GM for: Crisis Aboard the Starship Hecate

Albert Lin
GM for: Go Run Your Own Little World

Do you dream in ink
translating onto paper
write-ups forever

Peter Litwack
GM for: A Single Silver Coin

Mel MacDonald
GM for: Osiris' Gate

Mac "Mac" Magruder
GM for: High Tea

Mac is worse than Shannon at one thing.

Ryan Maloney
GM for: Shine

By day, Ryan is a mild mannered graduate student, studying how the brain perceives brightness. By night, Ryan is also a mild mannered graduate student, though he does manage to get more gaming and socializing in during the night than during the day.

Michael McAfee
Con Committee

Jake McCarthy
GM for: The Great War Upon Us

Charlie "grejam" McCutcheon
GM for: Collision Imminent!

It's all Jeff's fault.

Kristen McFadyen
GM for: Second Dawn

Nick "Wolf" Milano
GM for: 36 Degrees of Separation

Nick Milano is completely insane, don't trust him.

Tony Mitton
GM for: The Koenig Dead, The Omega Delivery, The Man in Black

Shannon Moore
GM for: Last Night in Jesriah, High Tea

Shannon is very bad at three things:

Adding 8 and 3
Submitting bios in a timely manner

Heather Myers
GM for: Accorded Neutral Ground

Colleen Nachtrieb
GM for: Garden Station 4

A GM for all seasons! Colleen has run the gambit of various LARPS, from theater style, to live combat, to one shot experimental, "oh my Glob there is a bomb in the room!" She normally runs private games, and normally doesn't talk in 3rd person. She has a history of being silly, but not when running horror. From Iowa, to Colorado, to the East Coast Colleen will find a venue to run and focus on the players' experience with in the game.

Jeff "Jeffo" Ogorzalek
GM for: The Oracle of Amun, Sith lords-The Dark Side

A veteran of both boff and theater style LARPs, Jeffo is most at home in his basement making stuff to make the game more real. He has been making props for LARPs since he was 8 years old. Imagine his surprise years later when he learned that LARPing existed and he had a use for all his stuff. If it can be imagined, he can make it, and if it can’t be imagined he can probably make it anyway.

Lisa Padol
GM for: Jamais Vue (revised)

Moira "Moira" Parham
GM for: Teenage Mystery Dance Party

Jinkies! Old Man Young tricked me into GM-ing yet again! He's a wily one, is Old Man Young. Wile E. Young...no, wait, wrong genre. Which game is this again? Why am I here? Just stand in the corner and hold a binder and look officious you say? Done!

Jamey Patten
GM for: Second Dawn

Matt "Halftime" Peairs
GM for: Murder at the Fourth Leaf
Bid Committee

Matt "Halftime" Peairs enjoys writing LARPs about tropical islands, mad science, the 1980s, ponies, underground fortresses, and mermaids. But not all at the same time. Although now that you mention it...

Jesse "Jesse" Perry
GM for: The Oracle of Amun

Jesse was introduced to LARPing through boffer LARPs. Running around the woods, beating your friends in the head with plumbing supplies? How could he say no?

His boffer LARP career has taken him through several different system and could legally buy you, many drinks.

He is happiest when wrapping the flank, or sneaking, or fighting outnumbered. Game weekends are best when filled with adrenaline highs, war stories, delicious tears and laughter. Jesse enjoys long walks in the dark, where you will likely be eaten by a Grue.

Benjamin Philip
GM for: Second Dawn

A sojourning scientist, from New England to Northwest to Midwest, returning home to let LARP fly once more!

Xavid "Xavid" Pretzer
GM for: Hitherby Dragons: Recourse

Xavid is unequal to the square root of three. He's written a variety of LARPs over the years with the MIT Assassins' Guild; "Hitherby Dragons: Recourse" is his first run at Intercon. When not writing LARPs, he can be found talking to trees, listening to the wind, and drinking root beer.

Byron "Prince of Melniboné" Quinn
GM for: The Null Node

Byron was the last emperor of the stagnating island civilization of Melniboné. Physically weak and frail, he must take drugs—later in order to maintain his health and sanity. In addition to herb lore, his character becomes an accomplished sorcerer and summoner, able to summon powerful, supernatural allies by dint of his royal Melnibonéan bloodline. Unlike most others of his race, Byron possesses something of a conscience; he sees the decadence of his culture, and worries about the rise of the Young Kingdoms, populated by humans (as Melniboneans do not consider themselves such) and the threat they pose to his empire. Twas here he discovered the art of gaming was still embraced, and thus (like his father) joined up in Intercon.

Joshua "blee" Rachlin
Wombat Trainer
GM for: 10 Bad LARPs - The Original
Con Committee, Ops

CORRECTION: In last year's bio, blee was identified as a dangerous weather related LARPing event. This was an error. In actuality, blee is a Deputy Assistant Secretary of LARP. We apologize for the confusion.

Matthew "Matt" Rand
GM for: The Oracle of Amun

Matt first got involved in LARPing when his friends convinced him to PC at boffer LARP called Endgame back in 2007. Since then LARPing has become one of his favorite activities, and the chance to be on staff for Oracle of Amun (and Shadows) simply couldn't be passed up. He looks forward to the chance to help bring a story to other players and try to "give back" for his experience in the community as a player.

Epidiah Ravachol
GM for: The City of Fire and Coin

Trey Reilly
Con Committee

Brian Richburg
GM for: Devil to Pay

Brian has been LARPing since 2005, and enjoys both theater and boffer style. He is part of Lovers and Madmen, the LARP writing team that produced Redemption: High Noon at the Devil's Luck, Stars of Al-Ashtara, Venezia, and Devil to Pay. He is also on the staff of Clockwork Skies.

Kevin Riggle
PreCon Chair
GM for: Heithur

Kevin is the opposite of people. He runs Northeast LARP News (http://nelarpnews.blogspot.com), a blog of LARP event announcements in the Northeast US.

Phoebe Roberts
GM for: Break a Leg
Bid Committee

Phoebe's good. I like Phoebe.

Terry Romero
GM for: The Yearbook

Hailing from the epic sprawl of Queens, NYC Terry Romero has ran hundreds of games and helped organize events for NerdNYC since the beginning of time, which feels remarkably like a decade.

She’s also a game-jocky for events at both Games on Demand @ Gen Con and Sex & Bullets, a cohort of Nordic freeform pirates, onion-fiends and American Jerkform enthusiasts.

Tory Root
GM for: The Sound of Drums

As of the Iron GM contest for this Intercon, Tory will have written for ten LARPs. She's also working on another new game for the Brandeis Festival because she does not know the meaning of overcommitment. When she is not writing LARPs, she can be found writing various other things, trying to make the world around her prettier, forgetting to update her website, lying around like a seal, and storing a riding crop with her fireplace tools.

Don Ross
GM for: Collision Imminent!

Sparrow Rubin
GM for: Behind the Fields
Con Committee, Ops

This Intercon will be Sparrow's first year as staff and the premiere of Behind The Fields, the first game ze's written (with Liliya Benderskaya). Sparrow has engaged in some name badge modifications since last Intercon, and is most definitely not an otherworldly youth with risky ideas and confusion about baseball. Drop by Ops and say hi!

Tom "Blue Gargantua" Russell
GM for: The Passage, Tales of the Fisherman's Wife

Tom has written a number of different LARPs for Intercon and other gaming venues including "A Day at the Races", "Young Wizards in Love", "Young Commandos in Love", and "The Westington Game" among others. He is a muppet of a man.

Colin "Dog" Sandel
GM for: The Pantheon Protocol

Sorry, user: Colin Sandel has exceeded awesomeness quota and a text bio is not available at this time. Please imagine a four-minute-long screaming guitar solo instead.

Elizabeth Sanford
GM for: The Oracle of Amun

Melanie Saunders
GM for: Cracks in the Orb, Loot Council


Because we both play Alliance, but Chris claimed that first.

EB "EB or Acoustic_Shadow" Savage
GM for: The Ballad of Jess-Belle, Happily Ever After?, Happily Ever After?

Once upon a time, in a land far far away (Alabama), there lived a little girl who wanted to be anything but ordinary. Her imagination soared and expanded and so did her costume closet. She spent her days reading every book she could get her hands on and then making up vast complicated play activities of those stories’ plotlines while wearing extravagant costumes. Then the girl grew up and was told to put away childish things and she was very sad. One day the girl discovered larp and has thrown herself wholeheartedly into her childish dream come true in the adult world. It has been ten years since that glorious day, and she has been expanding her imagination and costume closet ever since writing larps that portray the stories she loves, and playing the characters who take her out of the ordinary and back to the world she wanted to be real as a child.

EB loves her meat medium rare. She does not like coconut, but does like cupcakes with passion. She is blond with blue eyes and still reads veraciously. EB writes a webcomic called Prose & Cons. Check it out. http://www.rareearthcomics.com/webcomics/pc_01_pg01.html

Alison Joy Schafer
GM for: Devil to Pay

Title Deed
Alison's Bio Space

Rent $14
With 1 House $ 70.
With 2 Houses 200.
With 3 Houses 550.
With 4 Houses 750.

With Hotel $950
Mortgage Value $90
Houses cost $100 each
Hotels, $100. plus 4 houses

If a player owns ALL the lots
of any GM Group, the rent is doubled
on any Unimproved Lots in that group.

Eva Schiffer
GM for: A Turn on the Radiance Rose

I consume oxygen and at any given moment I'm probably not on fire.

Jason "Jadasc" Schneiderman
GM for: Desperadoes Under The Eaves
Con Committee

If I could only get my record clean... I'd be a genius.

I've been involved in the adventure games hobby for the past twenty-five years. Started playing in 1987. Was hired by InQuest Magazine in 1996; since then, I've done writing and editing work for Green Ronin, Malhavoc Press, and White Wolf. I managed two different game stores in the metro Boston area in the 2000s. I'm very pleased to reunite with Becky and Arnis for this encore presentation of Desperadoes Under The Eaves. Maybe the good guys will win this time. (For varying values of good.)

I have a weakness for good coffee and bad puns.

Adina Schreiber
Raffle Coordinator
Con Committee

Shel Silverstein, "This Bridge"

This bridge will only take you halfway there
To those mysterious lands you long to see:
Through gypsy camps and swirling Arab fairs
And moonlit woods where unicorns run free.
So come and walk awhile with me and share
The twisting trails and wonderous worlds I've known
But this bridge will only take you halfway there --
The last few steps you'll have to take alone.

Katrina Schönheyder
GM for: Dystopia Rising – Back to the Future

Christopher Shannon
GM for: The Serpent's Spiral, The Oracle of Amun

Joshua "Sheena" Sheena
The Iron Consuite Chairman
GM for: High Tea, Iron GM Games
Con Suite

In order to combine both of his duties for this Intercon, Chairman Sheena has built what he has called Consuite Stadium, where LARP GMs get paired together and with a secret LARP theme must construct a full meal in one hour. His panel of judges for this Iron Consuite are an older, dinstinguished LARP critic, a LARP writer who hasn't written anything in a decade and a random giggling Japanese girl who will compare the dishes to a LARP her father wrote for her when she was twelve.

Andrea Shubert
GM for: The Game Show Against Humanity

I make games. I've larped forever - even running a NERO campaign nearly two decades ago - but I've done very few nonboffer larps. This is my first Intercon. If you are reading this, the Mayans were right. ("The person who owned andreashubert.com would attend a larp convention in early 2013.")

Andrew "AJ" Smith
GM for: The Koenig Dead, The Omega Delivery, The Man in Black

++ Subject: Bio_Form AJ
++ Compiling Standard Response
++ Keywords: Brit, $INTERCON_NUMBER, Pirate, Kestrel (Koenig), Kestrel (Omega), Assassin
++ Generating ...
++ ERROR: Subject has no Object ++

Brian Sniffen
GM for: Heithur

Brian learned to GM from the MIT Assassins' Guild.

Lizzie Stark
GM for: Jeepform Sampler, Tales of the Fisherman's Wife

Lizzie Stark is the author of Leaving Mundania, a narrative nonfiction book about larp. She blogs about roleplaying at LizzieStark.com.

John Stavropoulos
GM for: The Yearbook

Hi all, I'm John!

I'm the president of NerdNYC, a nonprofit dedicated to social games in NYC with 2,000+ members and 26 game conventions. I co-ran Gen Con's Games on Demand for 1,400 participants, led dozens of seminars at conventions (including panels for 500+ attendees), and have GMed for 1,000s (no exaggeration) of people all over the world!

My day job is everything from Creative Director, Producer, Contract Negotiator, Illustrator, Web Developer to Designer for a variety of clients including NASA; The History Channel; Museum of Modern Art; NY Yankees; Veganomicon; David Bowie; Sony; Universal; The Rolling Stones; Nike Foundation; Girl Effect; etc. I'm currently working on educational games for adolescent girls in Ethiopia for Girl Effect (an affiliate of the Nike Foundation).

Julia Suggs
Con Chair, NEIL Board

Julia has Helium Hand Syndrome.

Kim "redfishie" Sward
GM for: Slash!
Bid Committee, Bid Chair

Kim can often be found wandering around singing to herself.

Anita Szostak
Art Director
Con Committee

The art department as always is making sure that Intercon M has beautiful artwork and a fantastic program book. My thanks to Susan and Barry for making this job such a great team effort.

Thorin Tabor
Bid Committee, Outreach

Rory Talk
Con Committee

Rorys are helpful creatures.

Gaylord Tang
GM for: The Barbecue, Jamais Vue (revised), ...and the Electric Labyrinth

Gaylord's been larping invisibly in a bunch of games around NYC since the early '90s, and now finds himself taking a stab at running and writing.

Barry Tannenbaum
GM for: Collision Imminent!

Alexandra Thorn
GM for: A Serpent of Ash

Alex has been LARPing since 1999. She enjoys deep roleplay and hopes to help bring that experience to others.

She is sometimes whimsical, but then... if she weren't whimsical, she wouldn't have come here.

Stephen "Stephen Tihor" Tihor
GM for: Jamais Vue (revised), ...and the Electric Labyrinth

Stephen has been around for a while. You may have met him. He rather likes running games. If you have any actual questions do drop him a line and he will do his best to illuminate you. Seriously I should copy in a good biography here. What is useful for you to know about me?

Cat Tobin
GM for: An Ecumenical Matter

Cat is from Ireland.

She has been playing games for a while now and sometimes writes them, too. She likes coffee, hates mornings and is not a secret agent.

Evan Torner
GM for: Uwe Boll's Christmas Special, The City of Fire and Coin, Jeepform Sampler

A German film lecturer who writes larps. Wears a hat. Part of the Western Massachusetts Interactive Literature Society.

Thomas Traina
Con Committee

Jessica Wagner

Will Wagner
GM for: The Monster's Ball, Grimm Tales: Coyote's Tail

Will is the author and GM of the Grimm Tales series. He has also written and run many other games, both by himself and with various teams. He is also breaking new ground this year by running a game designed for kids!

Mark "Justin du Coeur" Waks
Mark "Justin du Coeur" Waks
Con Committee

Justin du Coeur works in the TransPolyU Department of Story-Reality Mechanics. Having completed his thesis in LARP Writing, he is now working on Strange Meta- LARP Science, building systems to make it easier to write LARPs. Once he is done with that, he will move on to building systems that build systems to write LARPs, and will eventually write a LARP about building such systems. It is his hypothesis that all of reality will then be sucked into a black hole of metagaming.

Conor Walsh
GM for: A Midsummer Night and the Livin' Is Easy

Once upon a time, Adam Nakama emailed Conor and asked him to join an Iron GM team full of amazing authors. Four years later, he's run that game fifteen times.

He offers this as a warning to all those who Adam might ask to do things.

Paul Wayner
GM for: G.I. Joe: Metamorphosis, [CANCELLED] Pendragon: Tales on a Winter's Morn

Suzanne "Zandor" Wayner
GM for: G.I. Joe: Metamorphosis

Suzanne has written a gazillion larps for Intercon over the years, sometimes with Jeannie Whited and Moira Parham, sometimes with Paul Wayner. The G.I. Joe game is a perfect excuse to watch wacky episodes of the animated series, and come up with wacky scenarios for hapless players.

Chris Weil
GM for: Loot Council


Susan "Dybbuk" Weiner
GM for: Fire on High, A Garden of Forking Paths

The sneaky disappearing Susan has returned from Iowa, just long enough to reprise a few games, dance all night, and fly away again.

Jesse "jesse" Wertheimer
GM for: Slash!

Some say Jesse I was mad, mad I tell you! They said my experiments would never work!!! Ha I say to you. For by the end of March (or the beginning of April) my greatest experiment will commence. I (and my assistant (wife)) will have created life itself!! Mwaa Ha Ha Ha Ha!!!!

Jeannie "On Crack Woman" Whited
GM for: G.I. Joe: Metamorphosis

If the game isn't ready to run, blame it on my horse. It's his fault. Somehow.

Christopher Wilkins
GM for: Go Run Your Own Little World

Brian Williams
GM for: The Man in Black

Was it really 12 years ago that I first ran "The Man in Black" at Intercon? My, how time flies. Well, AJ and I are back for a well-overdue second run...

Laura Young
GM for: Teenage Mystery Dance Party

Mike "Buggy" Young
GM for: Teenage Mystery Dance Party, Triple Blind, Triple Blind

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Andrew Zorowitz
Con Committee