The Day We Came Home

Author(s):Nat Budin, Vito D'Agosta, Tegan Kehoe, Susan Weiner
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Organization:Alleged Entertainment
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75 years ago, we left Earth. We didn't want to. But the Second Great Crisis forced virtually all of the human race to flee to the stars, to the great space stations and planets beyond. Out there, we did what humans do: we grew, we prospered, we built anew. A few stayed behind on the dying planet, striving and struggling to survive. They too grew and prospered, in time. Now a few of the space-dwellers are returning to our homeworld.

It has been centuries since there were more humans on the struggling backwater of earth than off it. Most communities left earth some time in the vague and barely remembered past.When the Second Great Crisis occurred on Earth 75 years ago, a second outpouring of humanity occurred, fleeing catastrophe.Some did so willingly, others less so, but most found a hard and unfriendly place among the stars. They were seen as outsiders in the space colonies, tied to the albatross that was Earth.

As tensions became higher, rumors circulated that Earth was recovering. Certain Earthers and non-Earthers alike began an Earthbound movement, to return the Earthers to Earth where, supposedly, they would have a better life, and tensions could be calmed. Today, the first Earthbound spaceship has landed on earth. A message has been sent ahead, and representatives of the current Earth-dwellers are arranging a welcome party for the newcomers. Will those who never found a true home in space be able to find it on the Earth that their parents or grandparents left? Will the Earth representatives who are there be able to set aside their own differences and avoid repeating the mistakes of the past? What does it mean to be from Earth?

The Day We Came Home is a political secrets and powers game. Players will play characters from a variety of different groups and origins, trying to achieve a variety of sometimes conflicting goals while attempting to find their identity on Earth.

Content Warnings: Bigotry and prejudice, violent histories, disease, famine, forced marriage

Budin, Nat

Nat has been attending Intercon since Intercon C in 2003, and has served as con chair of Intercons P and I. He also founded Brandeis's Festival of the LARPs and co-founded Alleged Entertainment, with which he has written and run over a dozen games. Despite the seriousness of this bio, Nat is actually quite silly and loves you very much.

D'Agosta, Vito

Kehoe, Tegan

Tegan Kehoe is a historian and museum professional by day, writer by night, and LARPer in the witching hour. Well, that's not quite true, as she's very much not a night person, but you get the idea.

Weiner, Susan

Susan Weiner has been LARPing for most of her life. She has written over 20 LARPs, including Secrets and Powers, American Freeform, Slice of Life and Horde games. Most of her games have been written with Alleged Entertainment. Her best know LARPs include Last Seder, Resonance and the 10 Bad LARP series. Descriptions of all of them can be found here:

Zorowitz, Andrew