Stop That Moon! (Rocket Roll)

Author(s):Tucker Le, John Benfield
Game EMail:tucker DOT wolf AT gmail DOT com
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Cory Hodge   
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"INTERCON R EDITION: In 1945, The world's first generation of organized superheroes formed in World War II to combat a time-traveling megalomaniac and her army of scientist soldiers on a secret Axis moon base. The heroes' victory helped to end the War, and the technology they recovered from the moon rapidly accelerated the Space Race.

The year is now 1957, and three international organizations attempt to maintain a tenuous peace between the American and Soviet superpowers: The United Nations (UN), the Metahuman International Cooperative Agency (MICA), and the Space Technology Alliance for Research (STAR). When a mysterious villain and their vile henchmen capture STAR Base Alpha, the fate of the world depends on a team of rookie MICA superheroes and an "eccentric" scientist from a parallel dimension. Stranded in space and cut off from their mentors, will they be able to save the day and STOP THAT MOON?"


This game is inspired by the Sentinels of the Multiverse card game. In this game, the players will play heroes who split their attention between battling minions and making progress against the villain's defenses; the environment at turns both helps and hinders them, while different types of heroes will need to work together as a well-oiled machine to overcome the villains. Each run features different heroes, villains, and environmental circumstances--however core game play and themes remain the same, and many ideas are re-purposed for each run.

The game has a few different flavors to it. Sometimes it may be as heroic as the Avengers, or as cheesy as Sky High, or as dark as Watchmen. Most of the theme control is in the hands PCs. While staff have made plans to add to the mood, player choice will dictate how dark, light, or in between the game will become.

Stop That Moon! uses the Accelerant combat system. Players will undergo live-action battles (foam weapons and nerf guns) and solve puzzles while juggling romance and interpersonal drama on their quest. Puzzles will take the form of: pattern replication, and jigsaw.

Content warnings: substance abuse, mental illness, violence, physical abuse, medical experimentation, torture, suicide, strong and vulgar language, emotional intensity including shouting/yelling etc. Age Restriction: 18+

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