Rabbit Run

Author(s):Albert Lin, Zoe Eddy
Game EMail:AlbertEQX AT gmail DOT com
John Cooke    jcooke AT gmail DOT com
Albert Lin    AlbertEQX AT gmail DOT com
Cathleen "K1ttyCat" Townsend    cathleen DOT townsend AT gmail DOT com
Male Characters:Min: 6 / Max: 6
Female Characters:Min: 7 / Max: 7
Neutral Characters:Min: 1 / Max: 1
Total Characters: Min: 14 / Max: 14
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In the grim, dystopian future, the world has been overtaken by the PryMor: a group of half- machine, half-human hybrids. For the past sixty years, the PryMor has run the Commonwealth, a police state where humans are little more than chattel used for labor, experimentation, and raw material.

Around a decade ago, the Commonwealth Laboratories abducted human individuals to serve as subjects in Project Stage9- a series of experiments involving mental, physical, and emotional augmentation and regression procedures.

These "procedures" involved excruciating bodily modification, toxicology testing, and cognitive- behavioral "therapy," as well as "applied field missions" and "community recursion sequences." However, the cruel experiments of the Stage9 Series were put to an abrupt stop when the remaining human resistance liberated the surviving subjects of Stage9.

The majority of members of Sector 84's "The Rabbits" are these survivors. Although Sector 84 is a brutal and unforgiving place, you have carved an area of autonomy and stability. Within your own separate groups of the Trix, the Darwins, and the Rabbits, you have forged a life and family of sorts in the ruins. You are all broken and battered individuals, but bound by blood and pain to one another and the dream of a life without the PryMor.

However, the PryMor Commonwealth no longer tolerates these remnants and a final solution is being formulated for Sector 84. In the last desperate bid for survival, the Rabbits are launching a full-out assault on the the PryMor compound for one last fight against the twilight of the human race...

Content Warnings: Substance abuse, self-harm, mental illness, violence, sexual themes with reference to sexual abuse, physical abuse, medical experimentation and torture, strong and vulgar language, dark space, emotional intensity including shouting/yelling etc. Age Restriction: 18+

System: Accelerant, a live-action boffer game system.

Player Communications
We will use a casting form and their characters will be distributed long before game.

Cooke, John

Lin, Albert

Townsend, Cathleen