NWM: Search for the Snow Dragon

Author(s):Mike Young
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Organization:Interactivites Ink in Cooperation With New World Magischola
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Female Characters:Min: 0 / Max: 0
Neutral Characters:Min: 6 / Max: 12
Total Characters: Min: 6 / Max: 12
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The northernmost reaches of Thunderbird Province are occasionally visited by the exceptionally rare and reclusive Snow Dragon. Based on limited sightings and drawings, cryptozoologists speculate that the dragon is native to Siberia, but has a migratory range reaching over the polar region into North America. Every few years, ambitious Cryptozoologist Wizards will mount an expedition to “recover” the Snow Dragon, but as they head north and leave behind the Authority of the Provinces, they find the independent communities of Wizards of the northern part of the continent will refuse to offer aid or assistance to anyone who has “taken an interest” in the Snow Dragon. As can be expected, Snow Dragon expeditions are frequently disastrous, and many have no survivors.

What little we know about the Snow Dragon has been accumulated from notes recovered from these failed missions, including the following: Snow Dragons can and will trigger strategic collapsing of the elaborate cave systems that they dig into ice and the frozen ground on trespassers; Snow Dragons will feint attacks on camps, draw out the Wizards, flee, then circle around to steal supplies so that their hunters die of exposure rather than in conflict; Snow Dragons will trigger avalanches; Snow Dragons can alter the lustrousness of their white scales, making themselves virtually undetectable in snow, or blindingly brilliant by reflecting sunlight; and finally that Wizards who make their homes in the extreme northern regions collaborate with the Snow Dragons to thwart the expeditions

Create a character and join your fellow wizards on a hunt for the Snow Dragon. Will your expedition finally be the one that finds this mysterious creature and survives to tell the tale? Hint: nope.

Search for the Snow Dragon will be run using the A Grandiose Disaster system. Players will spend the first part of the slot creating characters using a simple, interactive character template system. Then they will run through the scenario.A Grandiose Disaster focuses on character interaction and roleplaying. There will be no complicated game mechanics or puzzles to solve.

Search for the Snow Dragon is a disaster/horror scenario which will involve extreme in-game conditions and player character death. Some players may not enjoy this. The game system will require players to decide which characters will live and which will die. Some players may not be comfortable making this decision. This larp is not appropriate for people under the age of 15.

This larp is set in the world of New World Magischola. No knowledge of NWM is needed to play and enjoy this larp. You can find out more about New World Magischola here.

What is A Grandiose Disaster?

A Grandiose Disaster is a new system that brings disaster and horror movie larps to your home. First you make your characters, based on tropes and templates: the genius, the criminal, the child, and so on. Then you are taken from scene to scene and in most scenes you have to decide which characters live and which die.

A Grandiose Disaster is designed to run quickly and easily, and without a GM. There are no complicated mechanics to learn. Character creation is simple, easy, and interactive with the other players. Runtime mechanics involve going from scene to scene and deciding who lives and who dies through a simple “majority rules” voting system.

The game is designed to focus on roleplaying and interactions, not mechanics. There will be no puzzles to solve, no “you need to figure this out to live.” Everything is presented to you by the scenario, and you get to roleplay as your world goes to hell around you.

Can I get a few more details?

Sure. Character creation is template based. We have templates for all the basic tropes of characters from a D&D-style roleplaying game. Character templates are gender neutral and may be made as characters anywhere along the gender spectrum. Character creation involves producing a small history for your character. Players then work together to create shared histories for their characters including positive and negative relationships.

Characters will have simple special abilities. Each character template will let you choose one ability from a specified list. Abilities let you break the rules in a simple way, maybe allowing you to survive when you would have died, or maybe letting you come back in to save the day after everyone else believes you are dead.

Play is simple. The scenario will be divided into scenes. The majority of these will be challenges to the players. For example, “you make your way through the dark hallway, when you come to a locked door. You can feel heat emanating from the other side. You need to make it through the fire.” Sometimes you will get to use an ability to get through the scene, but sometimes you will have to choose someone to die. The player gets to narrate the death scene, roleplaying it out with other players.

What happens if we can’t choose someone to die?

Scenes are timed. If you cannot choose someone to die before time runs out, then a character is randomly chosen.

What happens to the players of dead characters?

They become the audience of the movie. They can sit on the sidelines and watch and bet among themselves who will be the next to die. And we’ll provide popcorn, just for them! Also, they can come back in as NPCs for future scenes. The runtime of A Grandiose Disaster is around 2 hours (not including character creation). We will try to avoid killing characters off until at least 1/3 of the way through the game.

Player Communications
I will email rules and scenario info beforehand, but the system requires characters be created on the spot.

Young, Laura

Young, Mike

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