Charter of the Conclave

Author(s):Tom Traina, et al.
Game EMail:tntraina AT gmail DOT com
Thomas "Tom" Traina    tntraina AT gmail DOT com
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The year is 2068, and superheroes walk among us. Until now, most occupied their time with small scale vigilantism and security-related careers, or became major players in the fields in which their talents lie. But after World Wars III and IV, the Megacorp Conspiracy that ended it, and the invasion of the Geminorii from Pollux IV and the war that followed, it became clear that these superheroes could no longer afford to work alone; the powers that threatened the planet were too great.

The most notable heroes have agreed in principle to form a team, tentatively called the Conclave of the Righteous, which would Ö well, they havenít figured out that part yet. In fact, they are meeting today to determine exactly what their purpose, goals, and methods ought to be.

Even before this meeting happens, fights have broken out all over. Is the Conclave going to be a world government? A law enforcement organization? How will they decide what rules to enforce? Whose requests for help will they honor? What rules will they use to make those decisions? Those decisions will be made tonight, and opinions are as varied as the heroes who have come to this first organizational meeting. The debates are bound to be as difficult as any fight these heroes have faced. But debate they shall, and no matter what happens, the victor will be the rules set forth for this new group: the Charter of the Conclave!

Charter of the Conclave is a 4-hour theatre-style game in which players will play a superhero whose outlook, powers, and general modus operandi are based on the works of a known political or moral philosopher. As representatives of each of these schools of thought, players will form a Constitution of sorts for their organization.

The primary game mechanic here will be a variation on Robertís Rules of Order: players will propose rules, debate amendments, and vote on their adoption, in order to form the rules governing this superhero team. A set of preliminary rules will be on the table and can be brought up during old business. Some characters will be provided with ideas for amendments or new business motions to propose.

Content Warning: While not required to play the game, players will likely use common philosophical hypotheticals to make rhetorical points, which often involve severe violence and bodily harm.

This game is recommended for people in high school or older and may be difficult for younger people to wrap their head around. Players younger than 15 with GM permission only.

Player Communications
The plan is to use a casting form. Characters are semi-pre-written, so there may be some back and forth during casting.

Sheets & basic rules will be emailed to players pre-game.

Traina, Thomas