Bound in Blood

Author(s):Megan Coppock, John Cooke
Game EMail:jcooke AT gmail DOT com
John Cooke    jcooke AT gmail DOT com
Megan "Megan" Coppock    mlynnh AT gmail DOT com
Male Characters:Min: 4 / Max: 4
Female Characters:Min: 3 / Max: 3
Neutral Characters:Min: 4 / Max: 4
Total Characters: Min: 11 / Max: 11
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The war has been long and grueling, with the forces of The Tyrant Archmage Quill slowly but surely expanding his realm. Key to this has been the unassailable fortress from which The Tyrant operates, and the power of his Blood Magic. The Arcanistís Guild of Quazell had been working on a way to reach the fortress but their tower fell along with their city just yesterday. Now the tattered remnants of several bands of adventurers, heroes and soldiers have joined what remains of their numbers together to sneak into Quazell and find out if the Arcanists Guild was successful, and if so to use their work to take the fight to the Tyrant in his fortress.

Bound is Blood is a 4 hour boffer game exploring themes of sacrifice, betrayal, loss and hopelessness in which you will supply hope and determination. We will be using the Accelerant system, and PCs can expect to explore multiple levels of the Tyrantís fortress. We are including some religious themes in this game.

NOTE: This is a boffer game and weapons will be provided for players, though you are welcome to bring your own. Players new to accelerant or boffer are welcome and we will be happy to provide instruction!

Trigger warnings: ritual sacrifice, violence, sexual themes, torture, strong and vulgar language, emotional intensity including shouting/yelling etc. Age Restriction: 18+

Player Communications
There will be a casting survey and roles will be distributed before the convention.

Cooke, John

Coppock, Megan

Megan Coppock loves bison and cats with hair. Megan enjoys writing social dynamics and romance into her LARPs, and gets enthusiastic about costuming opportunities. Uses she/her pronouns.