A Wolf By Any Other Name

Author(s):Maury Brown, Ben Morrow
Game EMail:mebrown AT learnlarp DOT com
Ron "Ron" Blechner    hiro DOT pendragon AT gmail DOT com
Maury "Maury" Brown    mebrown AT learnlarp DOT com
Josh "Jop" Conrad    Darnocjosh AT yahoo DOT com
Amber Feldman    Ambervfeldman AT gmail DOT com
Katherine "Kate" Hill    heartinnarnia AT gmail DOT com
Organization:Learn Larp LLC
Home Page:http://learnlarp.com
Male Characters:Min: 0 / Max: 0
Female Characters:Min: 0 / Max: 0
Neutral Characters:Min: 6 / Max: 23
Total Characters: Min: 6 / Max: 23
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In the Magimundi, the hidden North American magical universe, two types of creatures can shape-shift into wolves: lycans and loup-garou. Though their powers are essentially the same, the way they are treated by society is not. Loup-garou are privileged; lycans are persecuted. On this night of the full moon, you are in detention with other New World Magischola students, some of whom are secret lycans, struggling to find the potion that will keep them from changing and outing their condition. What will you do when the moon rises?

This LARP is open to players of any physical ability, 13 and older. Players will be able to determine their own characters' genders and sexual orientations. This game explores a particular facet and conflict in the New World Magischola setting. We will have some wizard school robes and school ties for you to wear, and a small number of extra wands, but it would be helpful if you brought your own wand to use in game.

You'll get your character at the door, and participate in an onboarding session to create backstory and relationships before play begins. Magical effects are role-played. Combat in the game is consent-based, which means the defender decides the outcome of the spell and physical boundaries are negotiated before it occurs. This will be demonstrated and practiced in pre-game workshops. This LARP also includes a post-game debrief.

Player Communications
Character roles are distributed on site as you arrive and are developed during pre-game workshops. Bring a wand and dress like a wizard school student.

Blechner, Ron

Brown, Maury

Maury is the Dean of New World Magischola and designer of Immerton and A Wolf by Any Other Name. She thinks larps are magical and enjoys bringing people together through roleplay. When not traveling the astral plane or writing, she enjoys craft beers, walks in the woods, on the beach, through the desert, and making ridiculous faces with her daughter.

Conrad, Josh

Jop is a seasoned boffer larper, with four years experience running content for games of 50-80 players with a team of plot writers. They've run a home brewed tabletop system for close to ten years. They've attended a few NWM as a faculty member. They've never really done anything like Intercon but are looking forward to the opportunity.

Feldman, Amber

Amber is a LARPer of many years, starting in the Camarilla and slowly evolving from there. She's been a long-standing NPC for her local boffer LARP in her locale of Colorado, and recently expanded to more Nordic styles such as New World Magischola. Her most recent adventure has been a new Sci-Fi LARP starting in Denver, CO called Temet Nosce.

She has run a variety of games at conventions in her Colorado locale for several years now, and is excited to see what Intercon is all about!

Hill, Katherine

Kate is a larp community organizer and game runner, based out of North Carolina. There, she is in co-command of a monthly short form parlour/nordic/freeform larp group called Larp Shack. She designs short form larps (sometimes they are even playable!) and is heavily involved in the New World Magischola/ Learn Larp universe as a player, editor and minor content creator/world builder. When little, she never wanted to stop playing what she called "imaginary games" and now she doesn't have to stop, thanks to the wonderful world of larp. She also enjoys hiking, drinking craft beer,singing, and traveling (often to larp, drink beer and hike). This is her first Intercon!