Decision in Die Pfalz

Author(s):Terilee Edwards-Hewitt
Game EMail:terilee AT usa DOT net
Terilee "Terilee007" Edwards-Hewitt    terilee AT usa DOT net
Male Characters:Min: 3 / Max: 5
Female Characters:Min: 2 / Max: 3
Neutral Characters:Min: 2 / Max: 6
Total Characters: Min: 7 / Max: 14
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October 1777. The War for Independence against the Crown is going poorly for those seeking to establish a new nation, separate from England. In July the recently formed State of New York government moved its capital from Albany to Kingston, because of the threat of encroaching British forces.

Many of those live in Die Pfatz like to feel they are secure from the war’s influence. Situated along the banks of the Walkill River, the village in the mid-Hudson Valley has been a refuge since 1678. Some of those who live here are descended from the Duzine, the original 12 families who settled here escaping religious persecution in Europe. Others are more recent arrivals. A few have a mixed heritage which is known to some but rarely discussed in polite company.

The War drags on and the Continental Army has had no major victories; at best it has managed several strategic retreats and a few small successes. But all that seems to be crashing down. The British are marching toward the recently crowned capital in Kingston, burning towns and the fall harvest in their wake.

Those who live in Die Pfalz can no longer believe they are removed from war. Kingston is only 17 miles and a day’s march away.

The question now is what to do? Capitulate and hope to pay the British off in goods? Or stand and fight? The elected supervisors will make the decision based on the influence of other adult members of the village; the tradition of a Town Hall lets all, men and women, who are adult members of the community speak and explain their point of view.

Chances are tempers may flare. What will the people decide?

This is a experimental, character-driven larp, based on historical events about that Town Hall meeting. Whose side are you on?

Warning: This larp contains 18th century attitudes concerning different ethnicities, religions and gender.

Player Communications
There will be a casting form. Characters will be cast in advance. People will get their character information via email at least 2 weeks before the game. Costuming is NOT required, but players may wish to wear something that isn't jarring for the time period (e.g., no short shorts)

Edwards-Hewitt, Terilee