Vue to a Kill: Revue

Author(s):Josh Kronengold, Lisa Padel, Stephen Tihor , etc etc etc
Game EMail:larp AT labcats DOT org
Joshua "Josh" Kronengold    mneme AT labcats DOT org
Lisa Padol    drcpunk AT labcats DOT org
Stephen "Stephen Tihor" Tihor    stephentihor AT gmail DOT com
Organization:Straightjackets Optional
Home Page:
Male Characters:Min: 4 / Max: 4
Female Characters:Min: 4 / Max: 4
Neutral Characters:Min: 0 / Max: 14
Total Characters: Min: 8 / Max: 22
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You are on a Tropical Island, where several schools are competing in an inter-collegate musical theater and dance competition, judged by several celebrity guests. It's all fine, boring (aside from the competition), and idyllic; even the staff of this island paradise are relaxed and happy.

Wait, isn't there something important you're forgetting? You definitely remember that there was something else important. No, wait, gone now. Well, you're sure it will come back to you eventually; it can't be that important.

Vue to a Kill is a game about quite a number of rather extraordinary teens in a dizzying variety of ways (supernatural or espionage or martial arts or just plain super) and the adults who love and/or oppose them...who have largely forgotten what makes them all so special. They'll probably figure it out. Meanwhile, there's a contest to win, and plenty of opportunities for theatrical performance, should you wish it. But not real-world judgement--in the interest of not judging people's theatrical performance, victory in the contest (if it is ever resolved) shall be resolved via a mechanic that has nothing to do with the actual simulated performances, and performances can be simply narrated or mimed if the team prefers.

Inspirations include, but are hardly limited to Buffy the Vampire Slayer, James Bond, Kim Possible, Jackie Chan Adventures, the X-Men, Heroes (1st season), and some odd bits of Greek mythology.

Content Warning: While this game attempts to largely conform to the silliness of a teen cartoon, it does feature depictions of other cultures that could become problematic, as well as limited use of mind control.

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Player Communications
Basic information will be available on the website. The character questionnaire will be available on Journey Surveys, and players will be emailed when it is available. The game will be cast and costuming hints plus basic personalities will be emailed at least a month before the game, if not two, and the starting versions of characters will be emailed out no later than two weeks before the con. Players will also be given an opportunity to give us contact information to distribute to other players, so they can coordinate any in-game performances they wish to set up.

Kronengold, Joshua

Joshua Kronengold has been larping and writing and running games for a while. Associations include Straightjackets Optional, having been involved in about half the NELCO BYOG games, and having helped out with four full-weekend RPI games (Masks, Dragon, Torch, 1897). He comes from and lives in the NYC area, and also plays wierd indie RPGs, having been doing so since the '90s.

Padol, Lisa

Lisa Padol has been playing in larps since 1988, starting with the full weekend game, Double Exposure. She has been running and writing larps since 2000 (ignoring Dark of the Moon, a still-in-development-after-nearly-two-decades, full-weekend larp project).

She helped run the playtest of the never published Miskatonic Archaeological Expedition, and assisted with runs of Appalachian Wedding, Colonel T. Rawhide's Circus of the Spectacular, Masks, and Folding the River. Stephen Tihor recruited her for the Straightjackets Optional team, where she helped run and write Mad Scientists I, Jamais Vue, Presque Vue, and Vue to a Kill, as well as Day at the Bathes/Night at the Races, ...and the Electric Labyrinth, and A Second Chance for Wints.

Tihor, Stephen

Stephen started gaming as a playtester for SPI and part of the New York Conspiracy to take over the Postal Diplomacy hobby. (They succeeded). He started D&D in 1974. He started LARPIng at the first run of Arabian Nights and was insane enough to put together a team to write and run a full weekend game at year later. Its been downhill since then. More recently he inherited a Boffer LARP game (Kaurath at NERO Hartford) and has written and run games at most Intercons for a while. The most recent games were the amnesia games (Jamais Vue, Presque Vue, Vue to a Kill) and the martial arts extravaganza, Ghost Fu, and the Boffer/Power Politics crossovers Wintermeet and Winter is Ending.

He can be found in the usual places doing various stuff and trying to be a voice of reason and represent the older generation of game designers while secretly lusting to run a Blockbuster Megagame.