Romancing Jan

Author(s):Athena Peters
Game EMail:athenazpeters AT gmail DOT com
Peter "Peter" Hairston    phairsto AT gmail DOT com
Athena Peters    athenazpeters AT gmail DOT com
Organization:Incantrix Productions
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Male Characters:Min: 0 / Max: 0
Female Characters:Min: 0 / Max: 0
Neutral Characters:Min: 10 / Max: 20
Total Characters: Min: 10 / Max: 20
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The time period is Regency Era and you are a person contemplating settling down for the first or perhaps second or third time....You have been invited to a Society Ball where there will be other eligible people. But now you must sort among them all to find the one match for heart, money or standing or can you manage all three? It is all up to you!

Taking inspiration from games like, Romancing Jan is a Period Romancing Game, but we are removing the period era gender restrictions. This is a Regency Era Gender Agnostic Romance Game! Characters will have a set of traits they have and another set they must find in the perfect partner. These traits will run the gambit from Jobs, Family Standing, Personality Traits, Artistic Talents, etc. You will find out the traits of other characters by conversing, dancing (optional) and passing notes while you mingle at the ball. When confident enough you might propose or be on the receiving end of a proposal but will the Lady Fussbudget approve of your pairing?! There is opportunity for everyone in the game to find their match by the end so that all might "Win" depending on how you play.

A simple country dance will be taught during the ball and video and instruction will also be sent out ahead of time so you have the opportunity to learn it before hand. No prior dancing or Regency era literature knowledge is required. But reading up on mannerisms of the time and clothing (of any gender you prefer) reminiscent of the time period is encouraged.

Players will receive a casting survey to find out what skills they are comfortable with having as well as preferred identity and orientation to inform casting. Once cast each player will receive a 1-2 page character description with traits and desired traits well ahead of the Con.

The game should be light-hearted and fun!

Player Communications
Email will be the primary form of communication. Players will receive a short 5-10 question casting form to determine preferred qualities, identity and orientation. After the survey is completed casting will be sent with a 1-2 page character description including important traits and needs in a partner. A few traits will be secret potentially from the character themselves and known only by the GM and possibly those with a Gossip trait that may be revealed during game play itself.

Hairston, Peter

Peters, Athena

Athena is a professional video game developer with a BFA in Directing Theatre. She only recently discovered the world of LARP about six years ago when she moved to New England but has become fascinated with it since. She has played a number of campaign games in the area over the years. Recently she started a Theatrical events company which bridges the gap between LARP and theatre with Caroline Murphy called Incantrix Productions ( which throws themed Charity Balls, Pub Crawls, Carnivals, etc a few times a year. This will be her second Intercon and her first as a GM.