Author(s):John Kammer
Game EMail:johnkammer1962 AT gmail DOT com
John "I dunneed no stink'n nickname" Kammer    johnkammer1962 AT gmail DOT com
Organization:Kammer Arts
Male Characters:Min: 0 / Max: 0
Female Characters:Min: 0 / Max: 0
Neutral Characters:Min: 15 / Max: 35
Total Characters: Min: 15 / Max: 35
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Who makes it possible for the captains of our confederation to boldly go?

The elite men and women of our Redshirt Corps. These brave soldiers charge into the dangerous situations their captains somewhat arbitrarily and capriciously choose, not for fame, not for glory, but because they've signed contracts and are legally obligated.

I mean who in their right mind would accept these insane assignments? It's rare indeed when every single member of a landing party comes back to the ship alive or in one piece. I'd go so far as to say it's unprecedented. Not like in the recruiting vids, oh no. Things are all sunshine and roses in the recruiting vids: Sure, sure, go live on a beach planet where the buxom natives live only to serve you margaritas while you enjoy the surf. They don't mention the salt vampires out there sucking you dry.

So come join the elite Redshirt Corp. Your horrible, gruesome deaths will bring glory and fame unto your captain. And if you are particularly heroic, he might even read your eulogy.
Redshirts is a game of comedic death, suffering and collaborative improv storytelling. You're a Redshirt going on missions. You are going to die. It isn't that you die though, it's all about how you die. And that's up to you...

Most players will be 'Redshirts' sent on various missions and working together using creative storytelling to determine and describe the means of their terrible, horrible, painful and possibly gruesome deaths. In the incredibly likely event of character death the player comes right back into game as a (possibly bitter) relative of his/her recently deceased character and signs aboard another ship.

But first the survivors, if any (or a tricorder report otherwise) must report the events of the mission to their captain. The captain, who is competing for promotion must spin the tale of woe into an upbeat "Captain's Log" entry to be presented to the admirals (a small bit of public speaking presented to all the players in the room).

Only a very few players at a ration of about 1/7 will serve as captains competing against each other for one open promotion to the rank of admiral. These bold and heroic individuals thoughtlessly send their crews into glorious danger, gamble on the outcome, and regale each other with tales of their own greatness. Captains don't get promoted by angering the admirals. Looking good is important. Bribes are also effective.

Redshirts has no lengthy or complex player sheets nor mechanics to study or memorize for the game. You could literally walk in, get a character sheet and be ready to go in five minutes.

Costuming hint:
Redshirts - wear a red shirt.
Captains - wear a gold shirt.
No age restrictions. Some familiarity with Star Trek TOS will help players appreciate the humor more but this is by no means required.
This is an extremely NON-exertion game. If you can sit in a chair you have enough energy to play this one. (technically you could sit or lay on the floor and still be good to go).

Player Communications
Roles will be available prior to the game via email and at the door for walk- ins.

Kammer, John

Every year I change my nickname but no one seems to notice. Oh well...

I've written and run so many games for Intercon (since C) that I forget them all. I've also spent an Intercon or two taking in-costume photography for you all. This year I'm re-running Redshirts a comedic sci-fi game of death and suffering -- ha ha, what could be funnier. No seriously, it's funny.

SO in conclusion this is a horrible bio write-up but I have like until December to fix it up before print. Sadly it will probably slip my mind.