The Forgotten

Author(s):Andrew Medeiros
Game EMail:stephen AT cavalrygames DOT com
Miranda "Miranda" Chadbourne    randadawn2001 AT gmail DOT com
Stephen Dewey    shiftyginger AT gmail DOT com
Male Characters:Min: 0 / Max: 0
Female Characters:Min: 0 / Max: 0
Neutral Characters:Min: 4 / Max: 10
Total Characters: Min: 4 / Max: 10
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It's been almost two years since rebel forces occupied the city and government forces surrounded and laid siege to your home. The city has been reduced to the prize in a tug-of- war between two equally vicious and uncaring factions. You donít care about this war. It doesnít matter who wins or loses anymore, if it ever did. All that matters to you is that your home, the place you grew up and built your life, is being torn apart, day by day, brick by brick. You just want this war to end before thereís nothing left to fight over.

Youíve found each other amidst the chaos: close family, estranged relations, lovers, rivals, old friends, and new. Now you work together to keep each other safe. Each night, a couple of you go out, risking shelling and snipers to scavenge for supplies, while someone stays awake to keep watch over your shelter. Most of the time it's quiet and you've been lucky so far, but winter is fast approaching and people are getting more desperate every day.

The Forgotten is a freeform game that uses cards to detail scenarios and represent items. Resource management is a component of this game, along with some more tabletop-like meta components. The Forgotten follows a number of civilians trapped within a vicious war that rages around them. Over the course of the game, days and nights will pass in a blur as you will risk everything to survive the ruthless battles that surround you.

The Forgotten includes themes of stress, emotional interactions, difficult moral and ethical decisions, exhaustion, sickness, and death. The story is progressed through by cards being drawn from a number of card decks during the night phases of the game. The game uses a soundtrack which will include the sounds of gunfire. This game is intended for players over the age of 18.

All characters will be created at the beginning of the game. New characters may be created throughout the game.

Player Communications
Characters are built from character cards that will be handed out before game.

Chadbourne, Miranda

Dewey, Stephen