Grandma's Resting Place

Author(s):Quinn D, Kathleen De Smet, Katie Giacomini, Eva Schiffer, and Gaylord Tang
Game EMail:quinn-in AT mreg DOT fief DOT org
Quinn D    quinn-in AT mreg DOT fief DOT org
Organization:Peaky Midwest
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It’s been three years since Grandma Dot’s cancer diagnosis, and the last two annual family beach parties have been centered on her long—and happy—goodbyes. Now she’s passed away in a hospital far from home. Rather than turn her body over to the usual pipeline of hospital to funeral home to cemetery, the family stole it and drove off in their RV to take her home and decide what to do.

Grandma’s Resting Place is a game about sharing and reliving memories spanning three generations set in a realistic modern time. It is a serious game including a mix of joyful, funny, and sad memories. The focus is on the roleplay of the characters involved, with no goals. This game will use a few flashback memory scenes as well a monologues by a player portraying the memory of Grandma Dot.

Content warning: This game has themes including lack of respect for the dead, death of family members, terminal cancer, divorce, and neglectful parenting.

Grandma’s Resting Place is for players age 16 and up. It can be replayed.

Player Communications
This game is already written and run a number of times. Once the signup is full, a short casting survey will be sent out. When everyone has responded, the game will be cast, and sheets sent out. This is targeted to happen at least a month before the convention. Character sheets are 8-10 pages, and filled with memories from various perspectives.

D, Quinn

Quinn has been playing larps since 2004, written a handful of games, run many, and started volunteering time to help run the convention in 2011.