Iron GM Competition - Game Runs - Earlier Morning

Author(s):Various Iron GM Teams
Game EMail:iron-gm AT r DOT interconlarp DOT org
Kimberly "redfishie" Sward    ksward AT gmail DOT com
Male Characters:Min: 0 / Max: 0
Female Characters:Min: 0 / Max: 0
Neutral Characters:Min: 10 / Max: 24
Total Characters: Min: 10 / Max: 24
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Come play in one of this year's contest games and help determine the winner! You will be cast at the door to play in a game written two weeks prior to Intercon in the space of 24 hours. You will then be asked to fill a questionnaire about your gameplay experience to help evaluate the game. You get to play in a surprising and brand new game, and the winning authors get cash prizes and all the glory.

Note: The number of player slots in the Iron GM games is contingent on the number of Iron GM teams. If a team drops or fails to complete a game in the game writing period, this impacts the number of people who get to play.

Note: If you are participating in writing any of the Iron GM games, please do not sign up to play, as that will disqualify your team.

Note: The number of player slots is dependent on the number of teams signed up to write. If a team fails to complete a game, or drops just prior to the writing period, there may not be a full 36 player slots available. Please show up to the game on time, as once all the slots are full, players will be turned away.

Players 16 years old and older, please, as there may be adult themes in some of the games.

See also the Iron GM info pages

Player Communications
Game is cast at the door. Players who attend will be split between games and rooms when they arrive.

Sward, Kimberly

Kim Sward has been coming to Intercon since roughly Intercon H or so. They have volunteered for the con in the past as a member of the Game Proposal Committee, been the Game Proposal Chair for multiple years, and were the Con Chair for last year's Intercon, Intercon Q - Intercon Quixotic.

This year Kim has just started serving on the NEIL Board, the governing body that oversees Intercon, NELCO, etc. As part of their past and current roles, Kim has worked with the NEIL Board President and the Safety Chair for Intercon R to create additional safety documentation for the convention.

Kim is also helping to run the Iron GM competition for Intercon R. This is their second year in that position.

Kim first started larping while a student at RPI. They have participated in many forms of larp since then, and are active in several boffer campaigns in the greater New England area. Kim enjoys playing mischief makers, foxes, and pirates. Larps with singing are a definite plus.