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A Night at Club Ivory
by Cameron Betts, Jeff Diewald, Susan Giusto, Tim Lasko

It's 1934, it's in the worst of the Depression, and Club Ivory is the place to be. Along with movie stars, mobsters, PIs, and tycoons, Club Ivory is a classy hideaway, with booze, in the Hollywood Hills. You'se gonna regret it if you ain't there, just sayin'.

A Second Chance for Wings
by Jeff Diewald, Sarah Judd, Joshua Kronengold, Alon Levy, Michael McAfee, Lisa Padol, and Gaylord Tang
It’s been almost sixty years since the Tursans put six people on the largest of the three moons in the sky, and no one’s been back, not even to orbit, since then. The charismatic CEO of Blue Phoenix has vowed to put the first Emerans into space, and to bring back fame, glory, and profits that will raise poor Emera into the ranks of leading nations.

A Winter's Ball
by Ray Lardie
A Winter's Ball is one of those magnificent masquerades hosted by Empress Elizaveta Petrovna for a select few in the Russian Imperial Court. An evening of manners, romantic entanglements, war rumours, and political intrigue as the court braces for the impending death of the Empress.

A Wolf By Any Other Name
by Maury Brown, Ben Morrow
Figures detention would be held on the full moon. This means trouble for you and the other detained New World Magischola students, some of whom are secret lycans who need an expensive and rare potion to keep from changing and outing themselves.

Adrift on the Starry Sky
by Jeff Diewald, Tim Lasko, Theresa Sullivan, and Gaylord Tang

Adrift on the Starry Sky is a serious scene game with science fiction themes for six players, lasting four hours. Those of you onboard the Alexandria are declared enemies of the planet, some more by accident and circumstance than design. Less than fully prepared, with a limited company and tight resources, you must flee on a barely faster-than-light life raft across space, to find a suitable planet to create a new Earth. This is a LARP that explores what it means to be human, the limits of endurance, and the human will. As a result of generation ship-style technology, characters will change as they progress through several scenes. Some characters will die during the voyage; those players will be given new characters born along the way.

Aes Sidhe
by Michael Oldziej, Dawn Daigneault
In the Modern Era, the Faire Folk of Ireland gather at the Standing Stones for a historical meeting of the Seelie and Unseelie Courts to talk about one thing: How to survive in these new and changing times

by Dylan Blanset and Janie Agar
All is lost. The land, sea, and sky, all gone. Language, art, and culture, all gone. Flesh, war, and law, all gone. The earth's creators have been scattered. The few who remain have a chance to reforge, for better or for worse.

Ascent to Hisseldale
by Kendra Beckler
Would-be colonists of the newest high-orbit station find their shuttle's connection to cyberspace has broken, leaving them alone. Cyberpunk set in the Sprawl, a world with sentient AIs, cloning, personality uploading, cryonics, and cybernetics, the game tackles philosophical issues of self, identity, humanity, and over-reliance on an omnipresent digital world.

Bad Apples
by Thomas Wohlers, Alon Levy, Tom Dimiduk, Sharone Horowit-Hendler, and Wren Steinbergh
Bad Apples is a 3-4 hour game of murder, crime, intrigue, and family drama, set in a hard sci-fi setting. It’s a game of flawed people in bad situations, desperately trying to make the best of things, and maybe be better than they are. Sometimes they succeed. They call those people heroes. More often, they don’t. The words for those people aren’t as kind. But the best among them keep trying anyways. These are their stories.

Ballad of Jess-Belle
by EB Savage
Fair was Elly Glover, dark was Jess-Belle. Both they loved the same man, and both they loved him well.

The Ballad of Jess Belle is the story of the supernatural, love, loss, and letting go set in the distant past of the Appalachian Mountains. It is based on various stories, ballads, and folktales adapted for the game.

Bewitched, Bothered, and Bewildered
by Katherine "Kath" Bryant and Erika "Eeeeka" Emrick
When something goes wrong on Broadway, characters from classic musicals find themselves and their storylines all tangled up. All is not as it seems; can they figure out what's really going on behind the scenes?

by Charlotte Brewer, Matthew Kamm
Based on The Red Garden by Alice Hoffman, Blackwell follows the relationships and decisions of the inhabitants of a small idyllic (almost magical) town in the Berkshires as they prepare for the annual Founder’s Day celebrations in the face of strangers, distant war, and a recent murder.

Bloody Slippers
by Kristen Hendricks
The honor of your presence is requested at the marriage of Princess Aster of Iresine to Lord Rowan Davonte of the Nerissan Empire. There will, of course, be a ball.

Blue's Clues: The Hound of Skidoo
by Cadence and John Schwartz
A four hour murder mystery noir game that takes place in Blue's childhood home.

Boulevard of Broken Dreams
by Original by Derek Herrera, Current Run by Amber Robitaille

Lost hope, self-discovery and second chances. A chance to explore being a troubled social icon of the 20th century. Why did Janis Joplin's life end tragically? What might John Lennon have done differently? What if River Phoenix hadn't died so young? Explore these questions and more over coffee and pie.

Bound in Blood
by Megan Coppock, John Cooke
The war that some are calling the Second Blood War has raged for close to a decade, and its end is near. The Archmage Quill, who has been labeled the Tyrant by the Celestial Churches and the civilized nations, is close to total victory. A desperate last gasp pits the remnants of the world’s heroes against time and a seemingly unstoppable enemy.

by Ashleigh La Porta & Laura Boylan
What happens when the string marking your path catches fire?

Breadcrumbs is a four-hour live combat secrets & powers LARP about losing your way and working out what really matters to you. Expect high emotions, puzzles, tension, mysteries, debate, and some combat.

BTL (The Gig at the End of the Universe )
by Martin Jones

The universe is dying, and your drinks bill is getting larger by the minute. You’re here to talk to Hotblack Desiato about his next gig. Pity he’s dead - ’cause if he wasn’t you could give FREDDIE, the Sirius Cybernetics Corp’s Electronic Medium, the reprogramming it so thoroughly deserves.

BTL (The Judgement of Solomon)
by Martin Jones

A Courtroom Drama with the fate of a child hanging in the balance. Romance, Guilt, Hubris and Corporate Greed with some moderately dark elements.

Genre/Influences: Cyberpunk, Judge Dredd, Robocop.

Warnings: Do not play this if you need a happy ending, or are bothered by discussions of medical procedures.

BTL - The Director's Cut (Pick up games)
Six different Sci-Fi "Micro-Larps" with varying themes from Dark Cyberpunk, and Hard SF, through Hitchikers inspired Comedy. Pick the one that appeals to you and sign up for your 30 minutes of fun/angst/problem- solving/action or comedy.

Previously provided at the "Across The Universe" event to rave reviews, "BTL" (bacronymed to "Bunch of Tiny LARPS) is back with revised content, and a slightly extended run time.

BTL: TDC (Descent Into Oblivion)
by Martin Jones

Mal is dead. The Crew of the Firefly wrestle with loss, regret, and life and death decisions in the face of the unknown.

Genre/Influences: Firefly

BTL: TDC (Putting the Band Back Together)
by Martin Jones

After subduing the Great Houses of Europa, Emperor Saddam Wulfenbach holds court in his Zepplin Palace. His latest joy is the automata ‘The Drummer’; and those who can provide a match for it stand to gain much.

Hopefuls have brought their musical creations to win his favour… but there is a problem; the Drummer is silent.

Genre/Influences: Girl Genius, Dune.

Advisories: Contains minor drug references. A fairly lighthearted/up-beat game.

BTL: TDC (Waiting)
by Martin Jones

They are coming, the only question is how long you have left, and what to say before you face the end.

One for those who want Romance and Angst in their roleplaying. Not a problem-solving game.

Genre/Influences: The Vorkosiverse, Bladerunner, Aliens, The Ship Who Sang.

Warning: References to non-consensual sex, same sex relationships, and suicide. Longer character sheets.

BTL:TDC (To Live Forever)
by Martin Jones

The Omega Artifact has to go into the Warehouse; the military can’t be left to dabble with something that powerful. Doing so was always going to be tricky; but you didn’t expect it to go this pear-shaped.

One for those who want Problem Solving and Angst in their Roleplaying.

Genre/Influences: Warehouse 13, A Town Called Eureka, Groundhog Day, Sapphire and Steel.

Warnings: People bleeding to death.

Burning Orchid
by Ben Allen, Nickey Barnard, Martin Jones, Heidi Kaye and Alison Rider Hill
Heated arguments, hidden passions, and bitter regret are the on the menu for the evening at this wrap party for a 1932 Hollywood movie, set in the depths of the Guatemalan jungle.

by Caroline Murphy
Calculations is a hard scifi single-player experience that takes place over one hour. You play a Captain aboard a vessel delivering critical medical supplies to a far-flung colony. You must make decisions about what happens in a critical window of time.

by Brady Tatro, Rachel Nations
Cash Castle is a lighthearted, 4-hour dystopian game show boffer larp where Legends of the Hidden Temple meets The Running Man. Gameplay is centered around boffer combat game show levels and reality TV-style interpersonal conflict. Players will need to overcome a variety of physical challenges as well as the machinations of other contestants to come out victorious over several rounds of play.

Charter of the Conclave
by Tom Traina, et al.
Opinions are varied. The debates are bound to be as difficult as any fight these heroes have faced. But debate they shall, and no matter what happens, the victor will be the rules set forth for this new group: the Charter of the Conclave! The year is 2068, and world’s heroes have decided to team up. The debates to determine the team’s purpose, goals, and methods will be as difficult as any fight these heroes have faced. The victor will be the rules set forth for this new group: the Charter of the Conclave!

Clockwork Café
by Brian Williams
It’s 1905. On the shores of Lake Geneva stands the exclusive Clockwork Café. Run by the enigmatic Richard Blanc, it doubles as the secret meeting place of the Society of Lady and Gentleman Adventurers. Here the spies, adventurers, master-criminals and detectives of the Great European Powers meet on neutral territory to exchange tales of daring-do.

Cumberland County High School Reunion
by Ada Nakama
What moments in your life will you choose to cherish and remember? What do you wish you could forget?

Set in the years between 1953 - 2003, you'll first attend your high school prom, then your ten, thirty, and fifty year high school reunions in rural Tennessee, experiencing a whole bittersweet lifetime in two hours.

Days End
by Chris A. Barney
It's the eve of the zombie apocalypse a day just like any other so far. It will end with you and 15 other people trapped in a room with no obvious way out, hordes of zombies surrounding the building and only an hour to figure out who to trust, how to get out, and how this all happened.

Desperadoes Under the Eaves
by Becky Kletnieks, Jason Schneiderman, Arnis Kletnieks
A tale of love, drugs, monsters, fugitives, and shifting perceptions set in an unusual California hotel. Based on the works of Warren Zevon.

Diamond Geezers
by Graham Arnold, Clare Gardner, Sue Lee, Tym Norris
In September 2000 the Millennium Dome was raided by an intrepid armed gang, who used a JCB to break in and steal the De Beers diamonds worth an estimated 220 million pounds.

Drink Me
by Betsy Isaacson
A dark tale of Victorian weirdness. Three eccentric adventurers struggle with each other -- and themselves -- in an ancient cave full of unlabeled magic potions.

Dungeon Owner's Association
by Morgan Rippke, Sky Rippke, Jess Pestlin, Robert Peck, Doug Freedman and Eliza Ford
Welcome to the Faith Hollow Dungeon Owner’s Association! Under the leadership of our benevolent Red Dragon overlord Fromath the Fiery, we all work hard together to create the kind of adventuring party-killing community we can all be proud of. All representatives of the denizens of our beloved dungeon are required to attend and discuss our concerns and suggestions for improving our dungeon home.

Easy as Robbing a Bank
by Aaron Vanek
The robbery should have taken less than 10 minutes. Four hours later it was a media madhouse. Eight hours later it was a national event. Twelve hours later, it was history.

A larp based on real events.

Even Miracles
by Katherine "Kath" Bryant and Erika "Eeeeka" Emrick
It is the year 2146. For 400 years, a miracle has hidden the village of Brigadoon away except for one day a century. But even miracles don't last forever, and the people of Brigadoon must decide: rejoin the world, or try for another miracle?

Everyone has a reason.
by Chris A. Barney
In the future there is no privacy. When you commit a crime it is Known. In a future where everyone knows you are guilty the question left is, did you have a reason for what you did.

Evil Magic Academy Breakfast
by Stephen Tihor
A light hearted look at the Darker side of Mystical Academia as a few faculty members and visiting professors at one of the magical world's most feared institutions gather for conversation and food.

Any resemblance to certain literary works or blockbuster games is entirely coincidental. Really. :)

Explosion in Space
by Anna Konovalenko and Alexey Semenov
In twenty minutes, the Galina Balashova will suffer a catastrophic reactor failure. The ship will explode and every soul upon it will be flung into space. With only an hour of atmosphere in each Pressure Suit, and no hope for rescue or survival, it is only a matter of time.

Fools Rush In...
by Clint Koglin, Katie Giacomini, Diana Glewwe, James Silverstein, Adira Slattery
Its March 14th 1945, the USO party is starting to wind down, but the night is far from over...

Glastonbury: A Soap Opera in Dance
by Kate Freedman and Kat Jones
Welcome to Glastonbury Festival, an epic bacchanalia of sex, drugs, and rock’n’roll. Five days. Two hundred thousand people. Join the brooding rockers, aging divas, ambitious pop-stars (and their groupies and managers) as they use music and dance to express all the things they just can't say. 18+

Grandma's Resting Place
by Quinn D, Kathleen De Smet, Katie Giacomini, Eva Schiffer, and Gaylord Tang
A story of remembrance in the immediate wake of a beloved Grandmother's death.

Group Date, Hogwarts Alumni Edition
by Original by Sarah Williamson, setting variant by Alden Strock

Congratulations! It’s a Match (or possibly a Prophecy)! In Group Date: Hogwarts Alumni Edition, you will play two graduates of Hogwarts school of Witchcraft and Wizardry going on their first three dates. Apparently there is a mysterious soothsayer who runs a dating service for Hogwarts alumni. You don’t know too much about each other yet, but the spidery handwriting on the letter that you received assures you that the omens are very good for this match, and your futures have been foretold in the tea leaves. What could go wrong?

Happily Ever After
by EB Savage
Love conquers all! Or does it? Join famous couples from literature as they discuss their marital issues and explore options to salvage their relationships if they CAN be salvaged.

Hear My Cry
by Rik Lloyd

Hear My Cry is an immersive, interactive roleplaying experience about storytelling, Valhalla, and the resonance of shared conflict for players 16 and older.

Heroes and Monsters!
by Stephen Tihor Sean Croteau, David Cashel, Anna Galitzine, etc
High fantasy adventure, roleplaying, foam combat, magic, puzzles in NERO style adventures. (No prior knowledge of Boffer Combat or NERO is required.) We want to let folks understand what it is like in a safe contained environment as well as let those who are experience NERO players just come and have fun making new friends.

How Fortunate the Man With None
by David Simkins
Politics and intrigue in a fictional city resembling renaissance Venice. The autocratic governor plans to begin her retirement at midnight, by drinking a lethal dose of hemlock. She offers the troublesome power-players in her city an opportunity to work out their differences, one way or another, and come up with a single, stable government. Failure means chaos, death, and tragedy will touch everyone in the city.

Immerton: The Initiation
by Maury Brown, Sarah Lynne Bowman, Quinn D, Kat Jones, Orli Nativ
Immerton is a mystical society of women existing between space and time. Across the multiverse, women experience a breakthrough and find their way to Immerton, where the four goddesses of creation, destruction, fortification, and reclamation hold court. In this freeform larp, you’ll play an initiate arriving at Immerton for the first time.

Intrigue In The Clouds
by Dean Edgell and Dana Edgell
The year is 1886. The world is not quite our own. Join the passengers and crew of the airship Royal Victoria as she crosses the Atlantic on a voyage to destiny. Cross wits with notorious diplomats, spies, scholars, heroes, rogues, killers and worse.

Iron GM Competition - Game Runs - 11AM Run
by Various Iron GM Teams
Come experience the fun of the Iron Gm games! The games in this run will be written as part of the Iron GM game writing competition several weeks before the con. You as a player help to determine the winner of the competition and get to play a brand new larp written around a genre, theme, element and a prop that was given to the writers at the start of the writing period. If you're interest in signing up for the writing challenge itself, see the link in the long description for more information.

Iron GM Competition - Game Runs - 9AM Run
by Various Iron GM Teams
Come experience the fun of the Iron Gm games! The games in this run will be written as part of the Iron GM game writing competition several weeks before the con. You as a player help to determine the winner of the competition and get to play a brand new larp written around a genre, theme, element and a prop that was given to the writers at the start of the writing period. If you're interest in signing up for the writing challenge itself, see the link in the long description for more information.

by Alison Joy Schafer & Brian Richburg


Whoso pulleth out this sword of this stone and anvil is rightwise king -Thomas Malory

King Arthur's peace is crumbling and it has been whispered that the fated Kingsword has once again returned to the stone. With Britain's unity in jeopardy, the kingdoms of Cornwall, Dyfed, and Lothian are each vying for supremacy over the failing Camelot. Dragons and the Questing Beast roam the lands, the Saxons and Picts are relentless, and Avalon and what is left of the old ways have all but disappeared into the mist. The Irish King has invited all to a great tourney in Ireland. As the feast gets underway and blades are sharpened, the real question remains - whose destiny is it to draw that sword from the stone once more?

The game will mix together the greatest stories from across the British Isles, including characters from Irish mythology, Arthurian legends, Scottish folklore, and the Welsh Mabinogion. The setting will feature great heroes and lovers such as the Knights of the Round Table, Tristan & Isolde, Culhwch & Olwen, the Merlin of Britain, and the famed Irish warrior Cu Chulainn.

Librarian and Catalog
by Carolyn VanEseltine
The robot Librarian. The damaged computer Catalog. An alien artifact. A chance to confront yourself - again, and again, and again - amid the collapse of parallel universes.

Love Letter
by Natalie Curd, Richard Perry, Elyssia McCormick, & Roger Gammans
Love Letter is game about relationships, how they change, endure and survive, or not, when the outside world is itself in turmoil, set against the backdrop of World War II.

M*A*S*H: Brothers in Arms
by Nickey Barnard, Alison Rider-Hill, Tony Mitton, Phillipa Dall, Natalie Spindler
Moments of terror are interspersed with days of boredom in the 3066th Mobile Army Surgical Hospital. Young people occupy themselves via practical jokes, silly rivalries and blooming romances, as they wait for the war to deliver more wounded and dying. Laughing in the face of death is essential because without a taste for gallows humour maybe nobody will make it home at all...

Magi-academy: The World is Broken
by Andrea Davis
Magiacademy is a story about those attuned to the ways of the arcane. Professor Muse guides a class through the beginning of their journey, and explains why the world needs these new magic users: The World is Broken.

Who broke the world? How? And why? And what will you do about it?

by Hilary Umbreit

Magpie is set in a small, isolated community that is haunted by a monster: the Magpie, who comes every ten years to claim his due tribute. During the intervening decade, it is easy to forget about his price. But now time is up. In approximately two days' time, the Magpie will come. You cannot stop him. All you can do is figure out how you want to spend these last few days, grapple with the question of who should be offered, and find a way to live with the repercussions...

Inspired by The Mountain Goats' "Magpie."

Now Boarding: Trinity
by Josh Marcus & Erin Boucher
Colony Trinity has been deemed successful, and the time has come to reboard Mothership to continue the colonization effort elsewhere. Do you stay on this officially functional colony, or try your hand at a new life elsewhere?

18+ by default. Parents may contact the GMs for details to determine if this game is appropriate to their teens.

NWM: Search for the Snow Dragon
by Mike Young

Create a character and join your fellow wizards on a hunt for the Snow Dragon. Will your expedition finally be the one that finds this mysterious creature and survives to tell the tale? Hint: nope.

NWM: The Council of Five
by Mike Young, Maury Brown, Ben Morrow
In the past few months, it has become apparent that Avernus, the prison used to hold the wizarding community's most dangerous criminals, is no longer viable. Rumors of mistreatment persist, up to and including torture of prisoners. And several months ago there was a massive riot and breakout, which some reports indicate that the strange non-human guards of the prison may have instigated. As leaders of the magical community, it is your job to discover what happened and decide what to do going forward.

by Intercon Staff
Volunteering for Ops shifts is a valuable use of your time and effort. To volunteer, click on the time slot(s) for which you want to volunteer.

Owl's Hollow: Prelude
by Vin Spadafora, Eric Worthen, Jada Taylor
Owl's Hollow: Prelude is a survival horror game set in 17th Century New England for players 18+.

Peace, Land, and Bread!
by Kathleen De Smet, Lillie Franks, Jon Marcus, Eva Schiffer, and Steve Vig
An upstairs/downstairs game set in Ireland in 1917 with strong themes of privilege, food, and revolution.

Pod Dancing
by Sharone Horowit-Hendler, Kate Fractal, Alon Levy
In the age-of-steam city of Harborview, finding members of the other three sexes for a marriage is challenging for young Traves. In the past, marriageable Traves would get to know one another at Pod Dances. Today, most Traves find pods their own way, but for others, the Pod Dances remain.

Pub Crawl
by Nat Budin, Tegan Kehoe, Phoebe Roberts, Vito D'Agosta, and Susan Weiner
Pub Crawl will follow a shifting group of characters as they travel from bar to bar. All players will take the roles of multiple characters over the course of the game. At each bar transition, some characters will leave the focal group and others will join. Each new bar brings different faces and a new backdrop for the issues the city is facing.

by Frank Beres, Quinn D, E. Chris Garrison, and Susan Weiner
QUILTBAG is a game about the development of identity through community. The game takes place over the course of four months of meetings of a university queer support group. Players will alternate between playing their characters in the support group and workshopping new relationships and what happens to their characters in between meetings based on event prompts.

Rabbit Run
by Albert Lin, Zoe Eddy
In a desperate bid, the Rabbits have infiltrated the PryMor base for one last fight against the apocalyptic twilight of the human race against the Machines.

Raffle, Announcements, and Thank yous
This is a group event towards the end of the con, sometimes referred to as Closing Ceremonies, where the raffle is drawn, announcements are made for next year's Intercon and for other game opportunities, and thank yous are given to the staff of the convention.

by John Kammer
You're a Redshirt going on missions. You are going to die. It isn't that you die though, it's all about how you die. And that's up to you. Cooperative-improv-storytelling for comedic death.

Refuge, The Boat
by Thomas Wohlers
Seeking refuge from the horrors of the world, you fled. And, miraculously, the Boat came to you, from across time and space, to being you safely to a new home.

But now the boat is dying. And you wonder if you will ever find a new home, or if you will die here in the astral sea, forever a refugee.

Romancing Jan
by Athena Peters
It is the Regency Era and Lady Fussbudget has invited all persons of marriageable status to attend a Country Dance at her estate. Will you find your match among the other attendees? Will you marry for love, money, standing or all three? What secrets might make a prospect dismiss you?

Second Hand Spirit Animals: Second Time's the Charm
by Elisa Ford
Welcome to the annual meeting of the Second Hand Spirit Animals. The lesser known guides have gathered to try to gain followers, commiserate with friends, and perhaps settle grudges. Last year's meeting had…problems…but House Fly has a new plan to get more people to believe. What could go wrong?

Showtime, Synergy!
by Katie Giacomini
Jem and the Holograms and The Misfits are both playing the same concert tonight, but things are predictably tense between the groups. Both bands seem constantly engrossed in rivalries, romance, and rockin’ style. Whatever happens, it promises to be a truly outrageous night of music and fashion!

Silver Lines
by Phoebe Roberts and Bernie Gabin
In New York in 1889, a very special group of teammates comes together to solve the murder of a shipping magnate and learns that history isn't always purely a matter of the past.

Slayer Cake
by Katherine Jones, Evan Torner
In a land where music has magical power, rockers find themselves locked in a musical battle between Baby Metal, Glam Rock, Heavy Metal, Emo, Grunge, and *shudder* Doom Metal. WHO WILL BECOME THE OVERLORDS OF ROCK?

Slot Zero Bitchfest
by Mik Reed, Margaret Simkins, Drew Novick, David Cave
Slot Zero Bitchfest (formerly Larpers Anonymous) is a LARP by LARPers for LARPers about LARPers. It is also about life beyond the LARP in all its complexities, including failed relationships, life altering changes, friendship, family, and coping with dying.

by Anandi Gandolfi and Andy Kirschbaum
In the MythicPunk future, the Gods of Sumer are reborn in a hightech Virtual Reality alongside powerful, brilliant humans, the creators and masters of Virtual Space. Inspired by Stephenson’s Snowcrash, informed by Gaiman’s Sandman comics, expanded by Kline’s Ready Player 1, and echoing elements of Sumerian Myth and Legend.

So Fine a Brush
by Emily Care Boss
Everyone loves the romance of Jane Austen's novels: Pride and Prejudice, Sensibility, Emma...But what was her life like? Come find out!

Sound & Fury: Lament
by Larisa Allen and Thomas Hansen
(Boffer) A coven of music-fueled magicians meets following the unexpected death of their leader. Where do loyalties lie, and what revealed secrets will affect alliances?

Speed Dating for Heiresses
by Betsy Isaacson
You’re a British aristocrat or an American heiress trying to arrange a marriage of convenience. You’re not exactly anyone’s first choice for such an arrangement. Tonight you’re trying something new, hoping you’ll find someone you want to see more of — or someone who wants to see more of you.

by Eric Wirtanen
Twelve years ago, Zodiac Publishing ceased to exist. It had been so successful, it brought all of its authors on a Caribbean cruise. On the third night of the cruise, a series of murders left all twelve authors dead. There are many theories as to what happened that night. Not a single one of them is right.

Tonight, the spirits of the fallen rise and try to remember what happened to them ... and figure out where they go from here.

Stars of Al-Ashtara
by Brian Richburg & Alison Joy Schafer

Just beyond the next dune on the Eastern horizon rises the gleaming city of Al-Ashtara, renowned for its exotic wares and exquisite tastes. There are whispers; however, that the Caliphate might be starting to unravel - a fact which has not escaped the notice of those who wish to take advantage of the weakening rule. Friend and foe alike cast their eyes towards the night skies, looking to read their destinies in the stars...and perhaps find the means to change their own fate.

Enter a world where allegiances shift like the desert sands; where the schemes are as intricate as the silks; and in the bustling marketplace, the only thing more elusive than the sweet smell of incense on the desert breeze is the band of thieves slipping between the merchants' stalls. The Stars of Al-Ashtara illuminate the enchantment, mystery, and danger that await you in an Arabian bazaar-where everyone has a secret.

Stop That Moon! (Rocket Roll)
by Tucker Le, John Benfield
Rookie superheroes are in space for the first time without time. In addition to that, they are without their mentors. This boffer game uses the Accelerant system in order for players to simulate super powers.

by Ben Schwartz, Quinn Milton, Sadia Bies
After the end of the cataclysmic Homeworld War, psychics across the galaxy are hunted for their dangerous powers. As stowaways in a spaceship amongst criminals and refugees, can you avoid detection and make it safely to the next port?

Super-Villain Academy
by Marc Blumberg and Friends
It's Graduation Day - time for the annual cocktail reception, where the Headmaster schmoozes Alumni for donations, the faculty gets drunk and hostile, and the top students get to show off their graduation projects. This year the children of the legendary Future Villains of America are graduating, so their parents get to wreak havoc on their Alma Mater one last time. Will the staff be prepared? What a time for one of the Deathtraps to go missing...

Susurrus: Season of Tides - Intersections (All Weekend)
The game's afoot! Scan codes to receive cryptic messages and decode the clues in various artworks to unravel a conspiracy related to the video game Susurrus: Season of Tides.

Tales of The Cradle
by Joseph Wiegartner
A mysterious signal is intercepted by the Search for Extraterrestrial Intelligence...there are visitors from another world en route to Earth. What do they want with us? Can they be trusted? But one question looms over the rest...

How will humanity respond?

The Day the Music Died
by Jim Ashby, Kath Banks, Jerry Elsmore, Heidi Kaye and Janet Young
Welcome to Radio Rebecca, the grooviest radio station in the English Channel.

The Day We Came Home
by Nat Budin, Vito D'Agosta, Tegan Kehoe, Phoebe Roberts, Susan Weiner
75 years ago, we left Earth. Today, some of those scattered to the heavens in the diaspora from Earth return to the human birthplace. The newly returned and the established residents need to figure out how they will live together and how this will change Earth.

The Forgotten
by Andrew Medeiros
You are a civilian in the middle of a brutal civil war. Every day your supplies wane as you desperately try to survive. Every night you sleep, stand guard, or venture out to scavenge supplies. Regardless of who wins this war, one thing’s clear. You’ve already lost.

The House of Becoming
by Kristen Patten, Jamey Patten, Santo Sangupta, Ted Marr, Dan Parke
Tribal remnants of humanity in the post-apocalypse undertake rites of passage at the sacred place known as the House of Becoming.

The Line
by Jason Morningstar
Through that door is a chance at a better life - one away from war, death and horror. But between you and the door are a dozen fellow refugees with their own agendas, and an immigration officer eager to send you straight back to hell.

The Markov Solution
by Tony Mitton and A J Smith

One year after the War, thousands of unregistered light freighters ply their trade in contested space. Scorpio is just one such craft, taking a few passengers and various small cargo loads from Bethesda to Cordoba. A small celebration is expected during the run, but this aside it’s just another routine trip; just another pay-day.

The Neverland Conclave
by Taylor and Jaelen Hartwin
It's been a while since the Darling Incident. The Lost Kids have been playing pranks, and the Pirates have been causing a drunken ruckus, so life has gone on as usual. Yesterday, a conclave was called. The lost kids and the pirates are meeting on neutral ground. Come help determine what happens to Neverland now that Hook and Pan are gone.

Thicker than Water
by Kristen Patten & Alison Joy Schafer

She craved the type of passion that even brought the devil down to his knees.

The year is 1929. As Valentine’s Day gives way to night, an uneasy crowd fills the jazz joints and speakeasies of Chicago. Seven bootleggers lie dead, casualties of a never-ending war for control of the Windy City. Between the north side and the south side lies the Afterlife, an up-and- coming secret speakeasy where sinners gather to chase away their demons — and where some say that the blood in the streets attracts a darker and more dangerous clientele. The Afterlife is full to the gills with jazz and liquor, crime and sex, and peopled by pocket politicians, dirty cops, mobsters, as well as monsters of a different sort...In a city torn apart, how long will family ties hold?

Tyrant Lizard Kings
by Warren Tusk
A sad, serious, emotional, Nordic-style game about dinosaur ghosts.

by Joanna Piancastelli
You were superheroes who screwed up big time, though you don’t remember it. No one does. Reality was altered and the history that you used to know no longer exists, and never did. Now it’s trying to reassert itself. Will you leave the world like this, or change things back?

Venting Day
by Christopher Shannon
Space is cold, but people can be colder. Before docking, your ship must go through venting, atmospheric cleansing. While everyone waits on the bridge for the process to end, anything could be revealed. Venting Day is an emotionally narrative game that focuses on role-play for 9 players.

Volcano's Edge
by Nickey Barnard, Steve Bassett, Dream Cloutman-Green, Sue Lee, Cat Tobin and Janet Young
It is 1930. The world hovers on the brink of disaster, but is it natural or is the villainous hand of Man to be detected? The Society of Investigative Researchers (SIR) has called for the world's best and brightest to attend a symposium to address this pressing issue. Explorers, scientists, spies and adventurers of all kinds have gathered to plot, plan and finally decide once and for all whether the rocket backpack is a better propulsion system than the dirigible airship. Oh yes, and save the world...

Volcano's Edge is a game of politics and intrigue in the world of the classic pulp magazines.

Voyage to Venus, Planet of Death
by Evan Torner
Swinging 1970s cosmonauts have been sent on a special mission to investigate a mysterious signal. Expect personal relationship drama, sex, and space peril!

Vue to a Kill: Revue
by Josh Kronengold, Lisa Padel, Stephen Tihor , etc etc etc
An amnesia game where you start with an apparently full character sheet. An espionage game about teenagers. A game of wackiness, that would be telling. Spies, secret agents, meddling kids, super-science, family drama, big red buttons, a volcano, mysteries, the supernatural, murder, songs, and maybe zombies. Note; non-singing roles exist but be prepared for the occasional number or villain monologue.

Walking Blues
by Kevin Kreiner
Well bless my heart! There's a killer on the loose, and the rain won't stop. Maybe its us paying for our sins. Or maybe, let the blues walk all over your soul and wash those sins away!

by Brandon Brylawski
Whispers is a game of intense interpersonal drama set in a scientific colony on a wild and alien planet. This game contains mature themes, specifically grief and coping with loss. Not for players under 18.

White Death
by Nina Runa Essendrop; Simon Steen Hansen
A group of pioneers once set out for the mountains to create a new society, bringing only absolute necessities, hopes, and dreams. They failed. One by one, the snow embraced them, giving peace and rest. White Death is an abstract poetic blackbox scenario without words.

Yu-Gi-Oh the Abridged LARP
by Izzy

In a world where card games determine the fate of mankind, and common sense has no place, a group of the greatest duelists assemble on Kaiba Corp. Island to participate in a tournament that will change their lives forever. And probably not for the better…

Attention Duelists
Grab your decks and prepare for the battle of your lifetime.
This is no mere card game

And now, for the worst idea ever conceived…
Yu-Gi-Oh: The Abridged LARP