Intercon B

The fifth Intercon was the third at the Chelmsford Radisson. The theme was "B movies", and several of the games fit right in. For a long time, you could see some of the really outrageous B-movie costumes on the commercials for Chowdah, a local videomagazine on then-AT&T's local access channel.

Intercon B suffered from troubles with the economy, and was the smallest of the Northern Intercons to date. Still, small is relative. With 159 people at the con, it was still a good sized Intercon and a lot of fun. It's tough to beat a collection of four solid tracks of LARPs gathered for an Intercon, especially when written by some of these LARP authors.

Con Chair: Jim White
Attendance: 159
Friday, March 8th, 2002
Times Track 1 Track 2 Track 3 Track 4 Track 5
6 PM Opening Ceremonies
7 PM Faction Island II: Appease the Mummy Garwyn's Tavern Slave Girls of the Terror Dome Liberation and the Language Barrier Symposium
(first run)
8 PM
9 PM  
10 PM
11 PM Catch Your Breath!
mid Shut Up and Play Your Guitar
(first run)
1 AM
Saturday, March 9th, 2002
Times Track 1 Track 2 Track 3 Track 4 Track 5
9 AM Cardolani Succession Generation Gap Marin County New Age Society Cocktail Party Young Wizards In Love  
10 AM
11 AM
1 PM Lunch
2 PM Prince William's Dagger Elfwhere II: Heart's Desire The Final Voyage of the Mary Celeste
3 PM
4 PM
5 PM Symposium
(second run)
6 PM Dinner
7 PM Shut Up and Play Your Guitar
(second run)
Ricardo's Union Saloon The Uncivilized Guest R.M.S. Empress of Syrtis  
8 PM
9 PM  
10 PM
11 PM Catch your breath!
mid Intercon Dance Party
Sunday, March 10th, 2002
Times Track 1 Track 2 Track 3 Track 4 Track 5
9 AM Faction Island II: Appease the Mummy  
10 AM
11 AM
1 PM Con Wrap, Shameless Plugs, Dead Dog

Cardolani Succession

Author: Brian Williams
Players: 25-39

Riven by 230 years of Civil War, Cardolan has one last chance for peace and unity. But can the various Noble Houses agree on who is to marry the Princess, sole surviving member of the Royal Family and heir to the vacant throne? And what do her allies and enemies have to say about the matter?

The Cardolani Succession is a game of politics and negotiation, set in Tolkien's Middle-earth in 1638 TA. Take the role of one of the Noble Houses of Cardolan, battling for control of the throne, or one of her allies, trying to bring peace and stability to the once noble Kingdom. Or perhaps you will be an agent of the Witch-king, seeking the downfall of his ancient enemy.

More details are on the game website, renamed as Under Angmar's Shadow.

Elfwhere II: Heart's Desire

Author: Andrew Warren Kirschbaum
Players: 25-40

It is the dead of Winter in the land of Faerie. The Wild Hunt rules the night and the Unseelie howl with dark delight. It is a dangerous and powerful time. A time when anything can happen. Will you hide in your castle with the covers over your head? Or will you plunge into the dark and come out stronger, wiser, and luckier than ever? Elfwhere II: Heart's Desire is coming to Intercon B!

A Timeless time ago in a place where all your dreams come true the High King Oberon went wandering. While he was gone, the noble lords and ladies of Faerie conspired to change the laws of Faerie forever. Of course, noble lords and ladies of Faerie being a chaotic and fractious lot, they all wanted to change them differently.

A lot of things went wrong, and Oberon's own brother, Grand Duke Nuada, died to help make things right again. Now Oberon at the strong behest of his beloved Queen Oonagh has called for a Grande Masque Ball to honor Nuada's memory.

And just to spice things up, Master Morgan of Hed has created a Riddle for the occasion. Oberon has declared that whoever solves the Riddle will be granted their Heart's Desire!

Some will come for the intrigue, some will come for the honor, some will come for the mystery, but all the Princes and Lords and Ladies of the Sidhe will come to the High King's Palace for the Masque. Of course with all these Nobles around, the Commoners are in quite a flurry as well! The opportunity for Gossip has rarely been better! Come join us For Ever And A Day in that most magical, treacherous and intrigue-filled land of Faerie. When all your Dreams come true, can your Nightmares be far behind?

Faction Island II: Appease the Mummy

Author: Ben Llewellyn, Awry Wit Productions
Players: 8-80

Chief Prime Minister Borrioboola-Gha is dead. Rather than perform the proper rituals of burial and national mourning, the various Parliamentary factions spent far too long bickering among themselves about naming a successor. Now, the CPM has risen from the tomb taken his old job back. He's angry. He wants the proper gifts as are to go to the dead. Each faction has chosen representatives to appease him via the requisite scavenger hunt. Now they frantically seek the items he demands: Pallina, The Weapon that Killed Ernst Dumkoff, Shibboleth, Nostradamus Ate My Hamster... To the winner will go, well, less wrath.

Warning: This game is extremely light on roleplaying and extremely heavy on scavenger hunt.

The Final Voyage of the Mary Celeste

Author: Jim MacDougal
Run by: Michael "The Hammer" Young and Interactivities Ink.
Players: 10-17

In the late 1800s, the Brigantine Mary Celeste was found abandoned and adrift. Her cargo was untouched and she showed no signs of damage. Over the years, many crackpot theories were developed, from ghosts, to aliens, to the lost city of Atlantis. What if they were all true? Come find out what might have happened on the final voyage of the Mary Celeste!

For more information, see the Interactivities Ink website.

Garwyn's Tavern

Author: Will Wagner
Players: 13-19

Strangers meet in the tavern, creatures of power hide and mysterious patrons plot. There are mysteries to be solved! There's a table waiting for you at Garwyn's Tavern. This is a high fantasy, theatre-style LARP with intrigue to be done, adventure to be had and glory to be won. If you are ready...

For more detail, see the game website.

Generation Gap

Author: Andrew Warren Kirschbaum
Players: 10-20

Even the immortal Vampires of the Inner Council notice the passing of time. Technology and attitudes have changed so dramatically from their living days, that these ancient monsters can no longer understand, let alone control, the world around them.

A radical experiment has been proposed: A small group of young and inexperienced vampires have been given control of a small town in the mid-western United States. They will be responsible for controlling the mortals in their herd. They will protect the Masquerade. They will keep the Traditions. And if they fail, they will die and the town will be wiped from the face of the earth.

Can you and your fellow High Generation, recently embraced Kindred, meet your greatest challenge ever? If you succeed the glory and the power of the ages will be yours. If you fail... you will be dust.

The Intercon Dance Party

DJ: Terilee Edwards-Hewitt

Come celebrate the convention and all the friends who've shown up to be there. It wouldn't be an Intercon without a fabulous party to be at on Saturday night!

Liberation and the Language Barrier

Authors: Peter Mascitelli and What the Puck Productions
Players: 16-30

Aboard the ISS Ashen Star, a group of newly liberated Wookie slaves must find their way to freedom before Imperial Forces arrive. Among the many obstacles they face... the inability to speak binary. A fun, fast paced, easy to play game of Wookies vs. Droids.

Marin County New Age Society Cocktail Party

Author: Jim MacDougal
Run by: Michael "The Hammer" Young and Interactivities Ink.
Players: 10-15

Someone is murdering members of the Marin County New Age Society. Someone else is robbing them blind. Come to a party with the best and brightest psychics in California, and see if you can keep from being the next victim.

For more information, see the Interactivities Ink website.

Prince William's Dagger

Author: Larry Fitzgerald and LIONE LLC
Players: 3-8

You are members of the town militia - normally a safe and cosy assignment. But today is just not your day. The chamberlain interrupted your lunch hour and brusquely instructed you to get moving. It seems like a simple task - or is it? You are to track down a common merchant and find out how he ended up with Prince William's dagger. Apparently he sold it at market in Shantytown this morning. There's no time for preparation - you're told to hurry, be discreet, but be ready to use force where necessary. Hah! As if the scum of Shantytown would dare to raise weapon against you.

This module is an introduction to the LIONE LARP and its combat system. Boffer weapons and some costuming provided.

For more information, see the LIONE website.

Ricardo's Union Saloon

Author: Marc Blumberg and Drew's Pants Productions
Players: 20-24

"This ain't the Wild West you remember, pardner, 'cause it's based loosely on the Deadlands universe. It's the 1870s and the War Between the States is still going strong. Strange minerals have been unearthed, and unusual critters are rumored to roam the countryside. Fortunately, Ricardo runs a neutral place, catering to outlaws and genteel folk alike. So strap on your simulated six-guns, toss back a shot of whiskey, and deal yourself in...

For more details, see the game website.

R.M.S. Empress of Syrtis

Author: Gordon Olmstead-Dean
Players: 18-32

No member of the British Royal Family has ever visited Her Majesty's Colonies on Mars before. Now in the year 1889, the Prince of Wales will travel there aboard Britian's newest interplanetary liner! Joined by some of the shining lights of Victorian Society, travel through the ether has never been so luxurious. And yet, there are dangers unknown awaiting the fine new British Ship! Join the Prince of Wales, and his crowd of desirables and undesirables in a game set in the Steampunk universe of GDW's Space: 1889. You do not need to be familiar with Space: 1889 to enjoy this thrilling Victorian escapade!

For more details, see the game website.

Shut Up and Play Your Guitar

Author: Kreg Segall
Players: 15-50

BLINK-179 is "OFF THE HOOK" - Here are some comments we've gotten from the fan club headquarters site at AOL:

Hey blink179 - I really had a great time at the dig y'all did @ my crib omfg you guys are loud you might remember me I was the girl with the red shirt and u looked at me during the last song do you have a gf write back cya! :O)

U R the best group in the world, ILY! I love Razorbutt the best, cuz hes complicated, Brains cuz he's deep n Manley cuz hes a lil hottie! I don't like Stu though he su><ors. OK bye.

Blink-179 is an up and coming new alternative punkpop bank with a serious problem. Tomorrow begins their world tour, but their lead guitarist, Eddie "Razorbutt" Nelson has left the band to join Destiny's Child. Without a lead guitarist, there'll be no tour, and without a tour, the band will lose the fame they've worked so hard to achieve. The choice is clear. It's time for open auditions. Announcements were placed in every local newspaper. A room was reserved at the local college. Now all they have to do is listen to all of the guitarists who responded to the ad, and make a difficult selection from what is sure to be dozens of qualified professionals.

Shut Up and Play Your Guitar is a comedy horde-style game. The band members will play the same parts throughout, while the horde members will play the assorted freaks and weirdos who show up at the audition.

Slave Girls of the Terror Dome

Author: Paul DiGennaro and SEER Productions
Players: 20-40

Remember those great B-movies where the cheesier they were, the better? Well, now is your chance to be a star in one of those movies that you love to hate. You'll laugh! You'll scream! You'll cry! Run... don't walk... to play Slave Girls of the Terror Dome!!!

You can be an All-American Football Player trying to save his Cheerleader Fair from the Evil Two-Headed Owner of the Terror Dome. Or, you can be the Evil, Two-Headed Owner... or any of the multitude of beings in between. And, the best part is, the bigger a ham you are, the better! Think Flesh Gordon... think Killer Clowns From Outer Space... think Attack of the Killer Tomatoes. Now cheese it up a bit more, and you have Slave Girls of the Terror Dome.


Author: Paul S. Dwyer
Players: 4-8

What does Theodore Roosevelt have to say to Cleopatra and Karl Marx about politics and culture in their days and ours? Can H. G. Wells explain the faults of the modern world to Elanor of Acquitaine? Why not come to dinner and ask them?

Choose from our menu of interesting and important characters from history and represent their achievements and ideas at a dinner party of other significant names. Inspired by Steve Allen's show Meeting of the Minds and Plato's Symposium. Dinner simulated by Dinner.

The Uncivilized Guest

Run by: Michael "The Hammer" Young and Interactivities Ink.
Players: 5-15

Horror invades an elegant dinner party. The Uncivilized Guest is an introduction to the world of Dark Summonings, a campaign book to be published by Interactivities Ink. Players create their own characters and enter a world of horror.

Young Wizards In Love

Author: Don Ross and the GMs of Luuuv
Players: 25-35

Because YOU demanded it! The Millworks is home to an unusual collection of powerful wizards, mad scientists, strange magical creatures and a few not-so-Average Joes. But all the magic in the world is no match for Love. If you enjoy shows like Buffy but hate all the angst, come play in this magical, romantic comedy.

Players will take on the roles of various Millworks tenants. Most players will portray modern-day wizards although there are mad scientist, magical creature and quirky "normal" human parts as well. Most characters will have some sort of magical goal in addition to the numerous romantic complications that will pop up.