Intercon XIV

The second Intercon was a return to the Hampton Inn, in Natick, on March 12th through the 14th, 1999. With almost twenty LARPs, as well as panels and workshops, there was quite a lot to choose from. Space was at a premium, as we took up all the function space the hotel had to offer. The con suite aka "The Bar and Wench Tavern" was up on the third floor, in a hotel suite.

Con Chair: Jonathan Drummey and Christina White
Attendance: ~215
Friday, March 12th, 1999
Times Track 1 Track 2 Track 3 Track 4 Track 5
4 PM The Extraordinary Adventures of Baron Munchhausen
5 PM
6 PM
7 PM Opening Ceremonies
7:30 PM Faction Island
8 PM Sibling Rivalry City of Light
(part I)
The Hitchhiker's Guide to the Galaxy: B Ark Cheesecake!  
9 PM
10 PM
11 PM
1 AM
2 AM Priceless
3 AM
Saturday, March 13th, 1999
Times Track 1 Track 2 Track 3 Track 4 Track 5
9 AM Stagefighting Workshop City of Light
(part I continued)
    Project: Discovery
(part I)
10 AM Red Skies at Morning
(first run)
Deep South by Daylight
11 AM Flogathon II
1 PM Lunch
2 PM Whose LARP Is It, Anyways? Auction Female Characters In LARPs
3 PM   City of Light
(part II)
Elfwhere Midsummer Mischief Project: Discovery
(part II)
4 PM
5 PM
6 PM
7 PM LSF Preshow Dinner
8 PM La Soiree Finale The Future of Oz Escape from Mallcatraz Hotel Hamilton  
9 PM
10 PM
11 PM
mid As the Vortex Swirls: the Intercon Dance Party
Sunday, March 14th, 1999
Times Track 1 Track 2 Track 3 Track 4 Track 5
10 AM Stagefighting Workshop City of Light
(part III)
Faction Island
Spin Cycle the minimalist larp
11 AM Red Skies at Morning
(second run)
1 PM Con Wrap, Shameless Plugs, Dead Dog

As the Vortex Swirls: The Intercon Dance Party

DJ: Terilee Edwards-Hewitt

Unwind from a full day of role-playing with a party. There will be music, birthday cake, munchies, an early raffle (!!), and lots of interesting people to share your war stories with. Not a LARP, not a floor wax, not a dessert topping — it's the Intercon Saturday party!!!


Auctioneers: Mike Young and Jonathan Drummey

Come buy LARP stuff! Come buy other stuff! Come by!


Author: Alex Newman

In 1950s Southern California, no one turned out sex-ploitation films like Irving Klaw. Now, on a Wednesday afternoon, Irving is ready to turn out another one of his instant classics. For young secretaries turned starlets, this could be their big break. For Irving, this had better be a badly needed hit. The problem is, someone has alerted ALL of the locals (the local press, the local church group, and the local police) about Irving's new film. Will he get the film done in time? Will the whole crew be arrested? Or will the forces of smut triumph over the Self-Righteous Finger Pointing Witch-Hunting Nail-Biting Grouchy Old Poops of America ("The SRFPWHNBGIPOA - we know what's best for you!")?

Cheesecake is a simple, goal oriented game for 15-30 players. It involves over-the-top roleplay, girls in bathing suits, and maybe a car chase or two. Emphasis is on camp, not combat. No minors, please. Due to the adult nature of the game, a registered nurse will be on duty at all times.

City of Light

Authors: Suzanne Miller, Moira Parham, Jeannie Whited, with thanks to Colby Perkins

"She had been warned not to take the shortcut through the sewers. Rumors of a Nosferatu elder were whispered throughout the city, and she had heard that a Gangrel had disappeared in this neighborhood just last week. But Gangrel were always disappearing, and besides she felt safer here than in the streets, where small battles, visible only to those who knew how to look, waged in greater number every day between the forces of the two princes.

No, the sewers were safer, she was sure.

Two dim red slits followed her quiet movement, waiting for the right moment to appease an ancient hunger..."

Paris! Long called the City of Light for her beautiful nocturnal illumination. The river Seine flows through the heart of the ancient city. The Left Bank harbors a bohemian lifestyle, while the Right is more known for its sophistication. The city holds the jewels of the world: the Mona Lisa in the Louvre, the Eiffel Tower, Notre Dame, Napoleon's Tomb.

But even Paris has a darker side. Any casual tourist may visit the catacombs to see the city's dead. Or take a tour of the world-famound sewers. Perhaps they exchanged money at the Credit Lyonnais, which launders the Mafia's money even as the government bails it out again.

But all this is for the day. As the city lights try to chase the shadows away, another world emerges from its slumber. A world that looks to humanity not for inspiration, but for sustenance and for power. The vampires. As Paris is split by the day, so she is by night. On each bank rules a different Prince, vying for total control while maintaining a friendly mask. Both have lost subjects to unknown hands in the past weeks. And while they worry about the influx of Russian immigrants, they praise their foresight in banishing the lunatic Malkavian clan from the city. Like all Parisians, they are swept up in the fever caused by the reappearance of old masterpieces, once thought forever lost.

And so one more night passes.

City of Light is an intricately plotted, full-weekend theatre-style game rooted in real-world events and loosely uses White Wolf's World of Darkness. Some short characters for Saturday morning, afternoon, or all day Saturday are available.

Deep South by Daylight

Authors: Scott Gray and Sharon Tripp

The Church of the Eucharist; is this blood-drinking cult a bunch of crackpots, faithful servants of Jesus Christ, or something more sinister? Several people have come to the cult, hoping to join and be given their communion, reputed to have curative properties.

Welcome to the World of Darkness during daylight hours. Deep South by Daylight is a theatre-style live action game, featuring mortal characters, in a "Hunters Hunted" scenario.


Author: Andy Kirschbaum

The perfection of Faerie Land is shattered when High King Oberon disappears without any warning or explanation. The Land cannot be without a ruler, so all the Princes and Lords of the Sidhe have come to the High King's Palace to choose a new ruler. Of course with all these Nobles around, the Commoners are in quite a flurry as well. The opportunity for Gossip has never been better! Come join us For Ever And A Day (or at least for four hours) in that most magical, wondrous, treacherous and intrigue-filled land of Faerie. When all your Dreams come true, can your Nightmares be far behind?

This game is a highly political power struggle in Faerie Land to determine the new High King after the sudden and unexpected disappearance of King Oberon. All players will take on the roles of various Archetypical creatures of Faerie, from noble Sidhe Lords to lowly Sprites and Boggles. And, of course, someone gets to play Puck...

Escape from Mallcatraz

Authors: A Penguin Named Tonya Productions

It's the night after Christmas, the saddest time in a store toy's life, because you are still on the shelf, left behind for another year. It is a particularly sad night for the toys of oy Place (the T in the sign has never worked) because the store has closed for good, and all of the stock has been sold. But before the toys can start their new lives in their new homes they have to go through this night...

A submit your own character/toy game, from the people who brought you The Round and The Furry, Escape is a game entirely of soft toys using our Fuzzies Live system. Players will submit their own characters and bring their own toys to play. The game takes place in a toy store that has just gone out of business. All the stock has been purchased by either Super-Mega Toy Blasters, The Sweetness and Light Children's Charities, or the Dollar Dump (aka Waterdamage Warehouse). Every toy has been tagged, and the characters have just one night to exchange (by whatever means necessary) for the tags they want. They have formed three factions for mutual protection: the Aisle of Misfit Toys, Fortress Aisle, and Aisle 9 from Outerspace.

There may also be a visit from the Yellow Skulls Gang (they have been vandalizing the store for years and have gotten the "Toy Story" treatment for their trouble) and an encounter with the terrible Toy-Eating guard dogs next door. Also, those weirdos in aisle 9 have captured and armed a Soakerdyne 2KY AquaBeast (a soft toy's answer to a strategic nuke) but even they aren't crazy enough to ever fire it... are they?

The Extraordinary Adventures of Baron Munchhausen

Authors: Tom Russell and Mike Caprio

Welcome, noble ladies and gentlemen! Gather 'round for dinner this fine eve in the Hogshead Tavern, and I shall relate the time I once singlehandedly fought off an entire horde of Mongols with a chicken! Ridiculous, you say? Sir, if you had any amount of wits in your misshapen skull, you would realize that I could easily carve your gibbet into a fine and lacy undergarment for my lady love, the Empress of Russia...

Sponsored by Hogshead Publishing, The Extraordinary Adventures of Baron Munchhausen is a storytelling competition where players take on the roles of noble men and women of the 18th Century of unusual bearing and weave incredibly impossible tales of derring-do. Each player takes a turn telling a tall tale while the others interject with wagers and try to change elements of the story as it is being told. Prizes will be awarded to the top two storytellers as determined by other storytellers in the game.

Faction Island: The Widget Hunt from Hell

Author: Ben Llewellyn, Awry Wit Productions

On a beautiful island in the South Seas or somewhere, Parliament has come to a standstill. There are too many factions, each vying for its own power center. Something has to give. The island Ministers decree that the factions must prove their commitments to their causes and their country by showing that they are fully self-aware and not grabbing power for its own sake. They declare the scavenger hunt. Now factions must produce items at the whim of the Ministers: an impramatur... lang... Gubblestotten... the signal of conspiracy in The Grand Duke......

This game will be in multiple parts, both before and during the con. Players will organize themselves into teams of five (and they will register for the game as a full team). The cutoff for game registration will be several weeks before the con.

If players are having trouble forming groups of five, the GM will be happy to assist.

Flogathon II: Beating a Dead Horse

Author: Stephanie Olmstead-Dean (She Who Must Be Obeyed)

"I can't believe they have the nerve to run this tripe — again, no less!" Rimambor thu wurst LARP ewe hefer plied? Dubble that. No, wade — tribble that. This sucks even mowre. Lack of crossreferencing, scatalogical and offensive content, perplexing goals, inside jokes, a spellchecker that's out to lunch — this LARP has it all. Effen a bowling ball. This is, bi farr, the worst live rolepluying evint of all time. Play it — c'mon, we dare ya...

We ran it at Intercon the Thirteenth while drinking tequila and lemonade. And we'd do it again, too, with little or no provocation. Apparently our costumes have gone into the rolls of LARP legend, though we're not sure why. We figure after this game, anything else will seem quite an improvement. At a convention of monumental LARPs, why not feature one that's monumentally bad?

Scheduling note: The con scheduled this game into the Lowell room of the Hampton Inn. There was no such room.

The Future of Oz

Authors: Mark (Justin de Couer) Waks, Charles Sumner, Alexx Kay

The Scarecrow and Patchwork Girl will be tying the knot today, and everyone has showed up. But strange things have been going on. Glinda has been having hushed talks with Ozma and the Wizard. An unplanned rainfall has caused Jack Pumpkinhead's pumpkins to spoil. There are rumors of witches abroad in the land again. But what's to worry about? After all, all that's at stake is The Future of Oz...

The game is set in the L. Frank Baum Oz novels, not the movie. More specifically, it is mainly based on the early novels, which fell out of copyright a decade or so ago. We have attempted to be as faithful to the originals in both story and tone as possible, doing what we can to rectify the inconsistencies in the books. This is a pretty light game, where Good and Evil are very distinct forces, and Good always wins in the end.

The Hitchhiker's Guide to the Galaxy: B Ark

Authors: Andrew Twyman and Eric Wirtanen

"Hi there! This is Eddie, your shipboard computer here on the B Ark. I could've sworn that wasn't the ship I was on a minute ago. I don't think it was the ship now docked with our starboard airlock, either. It does seem somewhat strange that there's another ship parked through the computer core, but at least that one does look somewhat familiar. Hmm... Anyway, I'm sure that's not important. I just thought everyone might like to know that my readouts indicate that we are now on a direct course for the small blue-green planet now visible through the forward viewscreens, where we will be making a crash landing in approximately six hours. Estimated survival rate is 0%. Oh, and a few of the cryo-units in freezer bay 3 have now completed their wakeup cycles so you'll all have a little more company. I wouldn't want you to be lonely, after all. Share and enjoy!"

The game is set in Douglas Adams' Hitchhiker universe on the Golgafrincham B Ark about six hours before it is supposed to reach the planet it intends to colonize. Due to the presence of other ships, events are not the same as they were in the books, nor are they likely to unfold that way.

Hotel Hamilton

Author: Jeff Hammel

Welcome to Hotel Hamilton, serving the Chicago area since the 19th century. Drinks are, as always, on the house. We have been proud to boast a variety of conventions from the Fellow Abductees of America Society to the more sober Futon Sales Convention of Mid-America.

You're in a hotel filled with wackiness. Have fun!

La Soiree Finale

Author: Gordon Olmstead-Dean

By June 13, 1940, it was clear that the French Army would not risk defending the exposed city of Paris. As troops were evacuated, it was clear that Nazi forces would enter the city by morning of the 14th. The panic and hysteria were mostly over - on the 10th and 11th millions had fled the city, leaving it a near-deserted ghost town. Those that remained had either a purpose, or no direction at all. Most businesses were closed, but a few limped along. At the Crillion Hotel, one of the former bellhops was Maitre D'Hotel. Before the war, the Hotel Hampton, catered mostly to English and American tourists. The nightclub across the street burned down in the bombing of June 3rd, and it has reopened in the casino of the Hampton, with an irregular lineup of acts — jazz, crooning, and swing. Now an eclectic group of internationals and locals gather here at the only bar and restaurant in the neighborhood that remains open. Neutral American tourists wait nervously for the occupying forces. The French wait, some with resignation, some with admiration for the Nazis and bitter hatred of the fallen Third Republic. Some scramble to be on the passenger train which departs the Gare D'Orsay at midnight — probably the last to depart Paris. Some have agendas — some have ennui, but all face the inevitability of occupation.

La Soiree Finale will include an hour-long video presentation, the World at War episode "The Fall of France," which will be shown starting at 7 PM.

Midsummer Mischief

Run by: Gordon Olmstead-Dean

Welcome to Blandings Castle!

Midsummer Mischief is set in P.G. Wodehouse's absurd world of England's leisured upper class in the 1920's or thereabouts. This is not the real world. This is a place where people shoutl "Wot ho!" and "You bounder!" and even "That's just not cricket!". This is a world where: All young men and women are ninnies, all aunts are harridans, all older people are eccentric, and all children are horrible.

Imposters and mistaken identity are the normal course of things. Money is something you inherit, get monthly as an allowance from your uncle, or win at the races. All decent-sized country houses have cellars, coal-sheds and potting sheds for locking people in. No decent man may cancel, or even refuse, an engagement to a young woman. Young men and ladies in love think only of marriage, and all married couples have separate bedrooms.

One should always try a clever scheme, even if it might go embarassingly wrong. Reputation is more important than anything, unless you're old and rich. Pigs are a vast, nay limitless source of conversational interest. Come join us in Lord Emsworth's old country estate of Blandings for a ridiculous weekend of gaffes, laughs, and pigs. It'll be a dashed good time!

the minimalist larp

Author: min and imin

it's a larp that has run at intercon 12.5 and other places.

Panel: Female Characters in LARPs

Moderators: Jeannie Whited, Suzanne Miller and others

Come talk and learn about writing good female characters for games.


Author: Sandy Antunes

Run by: Sharon Tripp

It was a stormy night, and you and your siblings were just recovering from that nasty fever that all the children in town had. Mother had to step out to do some errands, despite the storm. And when she came back, she seemed... different (even though Father says that's nonsense!)

Welcome to two unusual hours in the life of the Harrington children. You and your siblings must puzzle out what has happened before bedtime, or bad things are sure to happen. Being children, the emphasis is on role-playing, followed by problem-solving. Readers of Edward Eager or the Narnia books will feel instantly at home... as will the Lovecraftian fans. The children should show up for the game in pajamas.

Project: Discovery

Author: Vance j.V. Walsh


Have you ever experienced the following?

If so, contact GENE BIOMEDICAL to participate in a study group. All eligible candidates will receive $500 upon completion of the study.

This is the beta test of DarkMirror's Gothic Horror game.

Red Skies at Morning

Author: Sandy Antunes

"Now and then we had a hope that if we lived and were good, God would permit us to be pirates." Mark Twain

A tale of roguery, espionage, and war set in the 17th century pirate era. The "Lady Drake", a noble pirate ship, did engage in hard-fought battle with a Spanish trader, and was victorious. As the prize sinks, the survivors must cast their lots, as new crew or prisoners, to determine who shares the spoils of war. But the appearance of a strange treasure may shift alliances, and reveal truths about the nature of reality that will alter the fate of the world irrevocably. Walk the shadows between light and darkness, and set sail with us.

Red Skies at Morning: Stagefighting Workshop

Author: Sandy Antunes

The pirates successfully took the "Lady Drake" that night, but as the chanty says "Red Skies at Morning" do not bode well. Come for an open-to-all stagefighting workshop, and players then stay for three hours of piracy on the open seas within the game proper.

Sibling Rivalry - An Amber Adventure

Authors: Tom Russell and Mike Caprio

Long before the War with Chaos, the young scions of Amber faced their first trial by fire. A time when the treachery and loyalty of family set the stage for the centuries to come. Knowledge of the Amber books by Roger Zelazny will be important, familiarity with the Amber Diceless Roleplaying System will also be quite helpful.

Spin Cycle

Authors: Jesse Sanford and Christine Carpenter

This is the game for those who believe that reality is just convention (no pun intended) and sanity is overrated. Join authors Christine Carpenter and Jesse Sanford for a few hours of insanity. You'll portray one of the residents of an exclusive, privately-funded mental health facility as you try to figure out what's going on - and try not to take your medicine!

Whose LARP Is It, Anyways?

Authors: Julie Diewald, Jordan Diewald and Jeff Diewald

The game that's several games in one, whether it's a silly Dating Game, Party Quirks, Scenes from a Hat, Weird Props, The ABC Game, Silly Superheroes, Film Dubbing, or others, you know it will be improvised on the spot, with hilarious results. You've seen that copycat TV show — now it's your turn to play, to call out suggestions, or just to laugh! Come to the panel and make your fellow LARPers do crazy things!