When the time came to plan the third Intercon, we realized that the Natick Hampton Inn was just too small. If there was any hope of growing, we had to have more room. That led us to the Chelmsford Radisson. We settled on an X-Files theme, and then started looking for LARPs. Those LARPs brought in a lot of great LARPers, and it was a fabulous con.

Con Chair: Mark "Justin" Waks
Attendance: ~218
Friday, March 10th, 2000
Times Track 1 Track 2 Track 3 Track 4 Track 5
4 PM Whose LARP Is It, Anyways?
5 PM
6 PM
7 PM Opening Ceremonies
8 PM Etherlines II: Sometime Later That Day
(part I)
Fallout Star Wars: The Phantom Game Red Sun
(part I)
For the Love of RA
9 PM
10 PM
11 PM
mid SMOG!
Saturday, March 11th, 2000
Times Track 1 Track 2 Track 3 Track 4 Track 5
9 AM Etherlines II: Sometime Later That Day
(part II)
Cold Storage
(first run)
The Council of Fennas Drunin Port Hidalgo Murder at the North Pole
10 AM
11 AM
1 PM Lunch
2 PM   Auction Costuming From the Closet Where the Girls Are  
3 PM Etherlines II: Sometime Later That Day
(part III)
Tin Soldiers Guy Fawkes' Day Red Sun
(part II)
Edsel By Night
4 PM
5 PM
6 PM
7 PM Dinner
8 PM Etherlines II: Sometime Later That Day
(part IV)
Crossroads Children of the Seed wonderland.com Intrigue in the Clouds
9 PM
10 PM
11 PM
mid Life, the Vortex, and Everything: A Dance Party
Sunday, March 12th, 2000
Times Track 1 Track 2 Track 3 Track 4 Track 5
10 AM Tales of Baron Munchhausen Cold Storage
(second run)
Battle Beyond Infinity!!! Red Sun
(part III)
Deep South By Daylight
11 AM
1 PM
2 PM Closing Ceremonies


Auctioneer: Mike Young

Come buy LARP stuff! Come buy other stuff! Come by!

Battle Beyond Infinity!!!

Author: Alex Newman

The Time Has Come To Settle It Once And For All! The alien Stooj, trying to resolve whether Good or Evil is more powerful, have called forth Earth's mightiest heroes. Unfortunately, their technology isn't quite what it might be, so when they called for Gilgamesh, they got Gilligan. That means it's the second stringers of the Universe pitted against one another to determine the Fate of Mankind!!!

Children of the Seed — a Call of Cthulu LARP

Author: WhathePuck Productions

High Victorian Society celebrates the annual Founding Day of Lurking, Massachusetts. This is a big bash, and all are invited to celebrate the arrival of the Industrial Age. But, what else lurks in Lurking? What else is going to show up at the party? Got Sanity? For how long?

Cold Storage

Author: Charley Sumner

While en route to the troubled Europa colony, the passengers aboard the P.T.S. Caledonia have awakened from cryostasis to discover a dead crew, a disabled ship and a dangerous mystery on their hands.

The Council of Fennas Drunin

Author: Brian Williams

The Mayor of a small town in Middle Earth has called the Council to decide on the fate of Yasmin, accused of theft and murder. Will you find her guilty or innocent? Come play a LARP brought from across the Atlantic, brought to Intercon by some of our favorite British GMs!

Costuming From the Closet (Panel)

Moderator: ???

What kind of great costuming do you already have, just sitting in your closet?


Author: Steve McCann

Venice, 1200 AD: Lasombra Rulers, Ventrue Crusaders, Toreador Priests, Nosferatu Beggars, Assamite Assassins, Tzimisce Exiles, Cappadocian Scholars, Brujah Rebels, Gangrel Wanderers, Tremere Sorcerers, and Setite Heretics. They all come together in Venice, the crossroads of the Mediterranean. The Lasombra Prince calls his subjects to court to celebrate the centennial. Secrets will be revealed, but who will survive to talk of them?

Deep South By Daylight

Authors: Scott David Gray and Sharon Tripp

The Church of the Eucharist; is this blood-drinking cult a bunch of crackpots, faithful servants of Jesus Christ, or something more sinister? Several people have come to the cult, hoping to join and be given their communion, reputed to have curative properties.

Welcome to the World of Darkness during daylight hours. Deep South by Daylight is a theatre-style live action game, featuring mortal characters, in a "Hunters Hunted" scenario.

Edsel By Night

Author: Michael McAfee

There is a place where the dregs of the World of Darkness end up. Not the underpowered, or the evil, or the outcast, but rather the truly clueless. The kind that embarrasses the rest of the supernatural world. The name of the place is Edsel, Nebraska.

Etherlines II: Sometime Later That Day

Authors: Don Ross, Mike Romatelli, and Kreg Segall

You were there for The Morning After, when some of the most important people in the galaxy went on a fateful journey. It is now two weeks later, and life goes on. Find out what happens Sometime Later That Day.


Author: David Lichtenstein

The Whitefire Tavern is usually not this busy. An assassination attempt has been made on the Emperor. That is why, today, everyone is staying off the streets. Everyone is a suspect — and this is the FALLOUT.

For the Love of RA

Author: Nancy Gervais

Egypt 1913. The famous archaeologist Dr. Clamdon Harrison using the Eye of RA has discovered the Temple of RA. Dr. Harrison deciphered these ominous words at the entrance: No creatures of night may enter. Only those that worship RA may reap the rewards. That night, Dr. Harrison and his team were all struck down by a deadly plague. If you liked the Indiana Jones movies and wondered what the real thing would be like — here's your chance! Try our little slant on the World of Darkness!

Guy Fawkes' Day

Authors: Scott David Gray and Sharon Tripp

It is November 5th,1605, in London. A Catholic soldier named Guy Fawkes has just been caught in the basement of Parliament, with a couple tons of gunpowder. This is apparently part of an act of terrorism designed to kill King James I, his heir Henry, and all of Parliament.

Intrigue in the Clouds

Author: Dean Edgell

In an alternate-world Victorian era, the passengers and crew aboard the airship Royal Victoria face mystery, love and danger on a voyage to destiny. Come play the steam-punk style game that was a smash hit at Intercon 13.5!

Life, the Vortex, and Everything: A Dance Party!

DJ: Terilee Edwards-Hewitt

This wouldn't be an Intercon without the traditional Saturday night birthday/dance party! If 42 is the answer to the Ultimate Question, then maybe the question (or at least a great time) can be found in the middle of Life, the Vortex, and Everything!

Murder at the North Pole

Author: Ben Llewellyn, Awry Wit Productions

Santa has been found dead under the tree, with a smoking candy cane nearby. Fortunately, it's only July, but who could have done such a thing? Why?

Port Hidalgo

Author: Philip Kelley

Pirates, cut-throats, scoundrels, and more gather to raise a glass against the raging storm. But more than rum is in the air - old feuds run deep, hidden agendas abound, and secrets thought lost will be unearthed in this game set in the Golden Age of piracy.

The Red Sun Trilogy

Author: Mike Caprio

Millions of light years from the Earth, a lush planet orbiting a red giant star will become the new home for several thousand colonists. What trials await? How will they fare in their first hundred years? In their first thousand years? The story will be played over three games; your decisions will determine your world's destiny, and change the conditions for players in the next game. Select the episode you would like to play in, then attend gamewrap at the end of Episode 3 to see the full scope of the story! The themes in Episode 1 are for the most part political. The themes of Episode 2 are mainly action/adventure oriented. Episode 3 is the final episode; the themes of Episode 3 are mainly political and religious.

Star Wars: The Phantom Game

Authors: Michael and Elisabeth Shoenberger, Philip Kelley, David Simkins, and E. Mark Mitchell

With the resolution of the Naboo situation and a new Supreme Chancellor, the Republic is again quiet. Yet this quiet masks internecine strife threatening the very guardians of the Republic, the Senate and Jedi Order.

Tales of Baron Munchhausen

Author: Michael McAfee

This is a storytelling competition where players take on the roles of noble men and women of the 18th Century with unusual bearing, to weave incredibly impossible tales of derring-do. Each player takes a turn telling a tall tale while the others interject with wagers and try to change elements of the story as it is being told. Now, about that ninety-foot tall mechanical doomsday chicken...

Tin Soldiers

Authors: Gordon Olmstead-Dean and Stephanie Olmstead-Dean

On Monday, May 4, 1970, 28 Ohio National Guardsmen fired into a crowd of students at Kent State University, who were protesting the U.S. invasion of Cambodia. Four students were killed and nine others injured. At a prominent University in Washington, D.C., students and some radical faculty members have seized control of a building in protest.

Where the Girls Are (Panel)

Moderator: ???

Alas, this seems to be an X-File, a mystery lost to time.

Whose LARP Is It, Anyways?

Authors: Julie Diewald, Jordan Diewald and Jeff Diewald

The game that's several games in one, whether it's a silly Dating Game, Party Quirks, Scenes from a Hat, Weird Props, The ABC Game, Silly Superheroes, Film Dubbing, or others, you know it will be improvised on the spot, with hilarious results. You've seen that copycat TV show — now it's your turn to play, to call out suggestions, or just to laugh! Get an early start on role-playing and drop in for a while!


Authors: Andy Kirschbaum, Amy Kirschbaum, Andy Benson, and Bryan Krauthamer

It starts with Alice in Wonderland — and then it gets weird! Join us for a wild and wacky roller-coaster ride through time, space, and who knows what else! You'll go up and down the rabbit hole from one reality to another faster than you can say 'Cheshire Cat.' The only thing you'll be able to rely on is Wonderland. Yep, you're in that much trouble!