25 Years of Intercon Memory Wall

This text was taken from the "memory wall" that was set up at Intercon J, which happened in March 2010, during the 25th anniversary year of the Intercon convention.



Some of it.

Awesome people, year after year



Utena meets Elfquest - THE LARP!!!

I can't believe I played a cow in a game called "Abbatoir."

Consuite SoupSoupSoup in Natick

The weird stuff.

Grand Opera!
"Tis No Deceit..."
Multiple Identities AND many chances to sing!
And the chorus line of spies?!?

Being chased by Eric the Darker as I escaped from Kindergarten

Jeff's 40th Birthday at 13!

A Sunday morning LARP at Intercon XIII called Miskatonic Regional Elementary School! Thank you all for 25 yrs. of great memories!

Mike & I, gripping each other by the lapels, falling off a zeppelin.

The Con Chair
Must Die!

Interpretive Dance
Dance Interpretation

Killing Teem in an elevator

SiLiCon I

Dancing to exhaustion and then dancing more...

Snowball fights
in the pool!

Old + New

Bringing a rabbit for the class of kindergarteners.

Well, this is my first year but I can say I miss being here already!


Why do we have the letters again?

5am spontaneous haiku

Emergency Room visit with Lord of the Fries followed by breakfast followed by Red Sun Sunday morning with no sleep. Good Times!